A letter from the EasyEDA team.

Welcome to EasyEDA, a great web based EDA tool for electronics engineers, educators, students, makers and enthusiasts; whether you are using Linux, Mac or Windows; Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, or Safari.

EasyEDA has been built by a tiny hackers team over a period of three years and nine months.

Before trying EasyEDA out, check out the FAQ below.

Q1: What happens if EasyEDA service is offline for some reason?

A1: EasyEDA can be run as an offline application.

Q2: I don’t like others seeing my design. How can I stop that happening?

A2: Set your project as Private. For extra security you can even save your work locally.

Q3: What if EasyEDA cannot become self sustaining and has to close down?

A3: We promise that to do our best to ensure that neither of these things will happen; we have spent so much of our time to get to this point. We promise that if we cannot make enough money out of EasyEDA to keep it alive or to fund further development, we will not simply abandon our baby or our community but we will consider donating the code to the Open Source Community to let them build on our efforts. There are no companies who can stay forever, so if a time comes when we have to close down,  we will follow the steps below:

  1. Give our users six months warning prior to closure;
  2. Ensure all our users can backup their designs;
  3. Ensure that users designs can be exported to some other EDA tools, such as Kicad, Altium Designer, and others.
  4. Package our codes, so that users can install an EasyEDA in their own OS (Windows, Linux, Mac). Users can then build their own cloud EDA.
  5. Upload our codes to github.com and make them open source.

So, nothing will be lost, and our users can enjoy an awesome web based EDA tool that lets our users stay in charge of their designs: anywhere, anytime and on any OS.

How cool is that?

Q4: What about the cost?

A4: We are trying to build a web based EDA tool, so that you have to you spend less to do more. Read on to find out how.

Q5: Do I have to fill in a long registration form?

A5: No. Everyone can create and save a schematic, spice simulation or PCB file in an anonymous mode, which works like pastebin.com. If you you would rather not register, you can enjoy the unrestricted, anonymous mode for ever.

Q6: What does EasyEDA offer?

A6: Just try it out, We think you will enjoy an easier EDA experience.

Q7: Can I use EasyEDA in my company?

A7: You can use EasyEDA for individuals, business and education.

Q8: How many files and projects can I host on EasyEDA’s server?

A8: Many. If you really need more,  just contact us. You can also save your files on your local storage.

Q9: Is EasyEDA safe?

A9: There are no absolutely secure things in the world but even if you have the misfortune - as happened to one of our team - of losing one laptop and having two hard drives break, EasyEDA will automatically backup your designs every day.

Q10: Does EasyEDA provide more for teachers?

A10: All teachers can have a lifetime VIP account (subject to verification of your educational status), and they can get free PCBs from EasyEDA for their public projects now.

Road map

The EasyEDA team are in this for the long term: we have a road map for the next three years, which maybe you would like to follow.

Year 1

1. Our efforts will focus on making the editor easy but powerful.

2. We will try to respond to all bug reports and feature requests and to fix or implement them as soon as possible.

3. EasyEDA will support single click ordering of a PCB for your project.

Year 2

1. Integration with Google Drive and/or Dropbox to increase your choice for easy, secure storage of your designs.

2. Low cost PCB prototyping service.

3. We will introduce some revenue models (We do have to try to feed ourselves!)

Free account with tasteful Ads;

Free account without Ads (no more than $1/month);

VIP account with more private projects and ticketed support (no more than $7/month).

All users can use EasyEDA in commerce.

Free users can earn an upgrade to a VIP account by helping to build high quality schematic symbols, spice subcircuits and PCB footprint libraries, contributing examples and HowTo projects and generally spreading the word about EasyEDA.

To keep EasyEDA free for ever for everyone, our plan is to keep EadyEDA afloat with the money we earn from our PCB prototyping service. Whilst the basic services of EasyEDA will always be free, introducing a subscription option to EasyEDA will support the development of some excellent, advanced services that we think people will be happy to pay for.

Year 3

1.  Enterprise users will be able to set up their own private server where all their files can be stored;

2.  Provide collaboration features.

3.  We will provide a free PCB manufacturing service for public projects;

4.  We will provide some open source plugs which allow you to convert EasyEDA schemaitc libs and PCB packages to  KiCad, Eagle, DIPtrace, Altium Designer, Orcad, Pads,  Allegro and so on,  maybe EasyEDA will be your one stop for libs;

5.  We will ship some commonly used components such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, transistors, crystal oscillators, connectors and fuses, etc., with your PCB.

You just need to focus on your design now, we help you to solve the annoying chores: like getting PCBs made and finding all those pesky components.

"Done is better than perfect"

Right now, EasyEDA is mature enough to be used for the successful design, including mixed-mode schematic capture and simulation, development and maintenance of complex electronic circuit boards. There are some rough edges and things we haven’t got right yet but with time and a little help and suggestions, our users can help drive us to design an awesome tool for everyone.

"Make an Easy EDA Experience, Save Your Money And Time". This is what we try to do.

Thank you!

— EasyEDA Team

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