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Nowdays, Boards can be manufactured at home(small batch), or ordered from PCB manufacturing company for mass production if you are too lazy to make by your self or not skilled. Production can be produced at local, but if the time not too tight, it’s cheaper order from China.

The article will show how to order PCB boards from one of PCB manufacturing company, named JLCPCB. It is the cheapest one i can find from China when i was trying to order a small batch of 10 pieces with 2-layer boards, size 60*60mm. Sure, If you want, you can order 5 pieces, it is the minimum order quantity of JLCPCB. Link - https://jlcpcb.com/

For this service, it is my second time order from JLCPCB, quality just good as the first time. My first order was early in August, almost two month later, they still provide this wonderful service. And then let’s start the experience of ordering from jlcpcb.com.

Register an account with email, on the top right corner; enter image description here

After getting an account, login in site. And click the “QUOTE NOW” button on the right page; enter image description here

There is the page showing up after into quote page. We select the required option for manufacturing boards in the "PCB" section(they provide SMT-Stencil service too, on PCB section right side). For example, prototyping 10pieces 2-layer boards up to 6x6cm. On the page we should choose: The thickness of the board is "PCB Thickness", they have no options directly from page, it is manual entry, they offer 7 PCB Thickness(0.4mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 2.0mm), If you need a 2.5mm or 3mm thickness board, contact they via email. Here, let’s say 1.6mm. PCB color: 6 options(Green、Red、Yellow、Blue、White、Black). I usually like Green. Surface Finish: For example the simplest tinning "HASH(with lead)" Copper Weight: 1 oz or 2 oz, actually, if you want get other copper weights, you can ask then via email.they can help you to fabricate PCBs with copper weights from 0.5oz to 16oz. Gold Fingers: Without gold gingers, so, “NO” Material Details: There are no other options for us except”FR4-Standard Tg 140C”, They support FR4-Standard Tg 140C, FR4-Tg 150C, FR4-High Tg 170C. But the FR4 TG's lead time may be more than 6 days. 90% of JLCPCB orders use FR4-Standard.  Panel By JLCPCB: You can use this option, when your gerber is for one design and need JLCPCB to help you duplicate many copies onto one panel. Like following Pictures: enter image description here

They will merge 10 small PCBs to 1 big panel. If you order 5 pcs, then you will get 5 big panels, each with 10 PCBs on it so end up with 50 small PCBs. About Panel option, we should pay attention to two points. One, Make sure the one single PCB's size bigger than 2cm*2cm, or they will charge $20 for the v-cut cost. As small PCB is hard to v-cut; Two, Make sure the board outline is simply, for complex board outline, you need to panelized by your self. Or you can pay extra $15 to do that, they will send the panelized gerber to you to confirm. Half-cut/Castellated Holes: If you need, then choose this service. After we doing all of the required option, “Quote Page” looks like: enter image description here Do not forget to click the cyan button-”SAVE TO CART”;

For next page, We are supposed to upload gerber file. Click “Add your gerber file” and choose file from computer. I really have to say, JLCPCB does a really great job, little errors on my pcb design file. One of engineers inform me to modify it and it helps me make sure to get excellent and perfect boards; enter image description hereenter image description here

After the file has been uploaded. If you have any additional information want to inform PCB manufacturing company, add it on Remark area, Just under “Half-cut/Castellated Holes” option.

Bulid time, there are three options, 3-4 days, no extra fee; 48 hours for $3.00 extra fee; pay more $30.00 for 24 hours. Then, again, Click “Save To Cart”; enter image description here

As we can see, item on the cart, we can Checkout securely, or add new items, and repeat the above steps. I am going to checkout; enter image description here

Next, What we need to do is finishing order with shipping information. Delivered to New York, total costing $20.50, $2 for boards + $18.5 for shipping costs, shipping by DHL express, I think it is acceptable, if you want, registered air mail only $6.74(8-24 days.).Yes, that’s why i say it is the cheapest PCB Manufacturing Company i can find from China. enter image description here

Now, we can pay for order, as for Payment Method, via paypal or Credit Card/Debit Card. I think paypal is more convenient and safer now.

JLCPCB surprised me again by their new design of package .As we all know, packages are easy to be damaged during shipping and may damage items inside of box. In order to protect boards, JLCPCB sets more foam boards on box, and it will reduce parcel damage. We can see that there are four high-density foam boards to protect edge from the picture. enter image description here

Just for reference, I placed my order on 11th Sept. On 12th afternoon, the order status shows “producing”, package reaching on 20th. It takes one week to production and shipping and It is really shorter than i expect. In a all, JLCPCB really surprises me on my order experience. I have never experience so low price on other PCB manufacturing companies. It is a great option to have such a pre-experience.







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ankei Reply

I appreciate of your technology which is very effective when we search about how it will be good of PCB board and what are the main point remove search history bing which would be use in the febrications. Thanks a lot for your good and useful article.

Guest Reply

Thank you very much for giving this awesome post, it is a great way to fully enjoy it.

saraengelstad Reply

Lazy? Not lazy.  This is unkind.

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