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How to Choose A Better Way to Panel Your PCB Board- JLCPCB

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When customers place an order in JLCPPCB, they often consult with the customer service for the PCB Panel problem. So, today, I want to talk with you about the current PCB layout, there are the following specific ways;

1 non- spacing panel The non-spaced panel is to remove the space between the small PCB unit. This type of panel method has made no space between the small PCBs which may cause the PCB circuit board to shape rough. Therefore, the JLCPCB engineer suggests that if you have a low requirement for the PCB board like DIY or habit using, it is fine to use this panel type. But if you have strict requirements for the small PCBs, you had better try other panel methods.


2 Rectangular Panel The rectangular panel is a panel method adopted by engineering preparation personnel before production in order to maximize the utilization of the single piece and reduce the waste of each gap in the single piece, as shown in Figure 1, which can effectively improve the utilization of materials.


3 L Panel L Panel is a panel method that combines round-shaped imposition and makes full use of template space. There are two common types of L Panel: first, the shape of the small unit PCB circuit board is reversed with each other, as shown in Figure 2; and then the shape of the small unit PCB circuit board is reversed with each other, As shown in Figure 3.


4 program Panel program Panel is a macro program compiled in C AM to import the maximum shape of a small unit PCB circuit board. Click the panel operation directly to complete the imposition work. In the process of the program panel, it is necessary to provide the maximum shape of the small unit PCB circuit board. Currently, the borderline of the PCB circuit board is used as its maximum shape. panel. This imposition method reduces errors caused by human factors and improves panel efficiency. The result of the program panel with the "T" plate in Fig. 3 is shown in Fig. 4. Since there are not many special-shaped boards, the application panel is performed in most cases of PCB circuit board factories.


5, a mixed panel Mixed imposition is to use the above-mentioned imposition methods and select and use the advantages of various imposition methods, which can effectively improve the utilization of the layout and the utilization of a single piece. Take the "T-shaped" reverse imposition in Figure 3 as an example. If this imposition method is slightly changed, the utilization rate of a single piece will be improved.

First, combine the small-unit PCB circuit boards to form an "L-shaped" large unit, and then repeat the imposition according to the round-shaped imposition. Finally, supplement the small units to complete the imposition. For different PCB circuit board manufacturers, the method of selecting imposition is also different. For small batches and many types of situations, you can consider choosing program imposition, with short imposition time and low error rate; for large-scale production, you need to consider materials The utilization of bottlenecks and the utilization of bottleneck equipment need to consider other imposition methods.


If you need to know more about the PCB panel problem, JLCPCB give a more specific explanation in





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