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As we all know, for hobbyists, hardware engineers, and electronic students how important PCBs are for electronic projects. And in electronic engineering, there are different types of projects are constructed with different types of components. So makers, developers, And electronic enthusiasts have been prototyping electronic circuits using breadboards, Raspberry Pi mini PCs, Arduinos, and other hardware. Who would like to take the next step by creating their very own custom PCB boards, may be interested to know JLCPCB offers a full manufacturing and assembly service and helped over 800,000 electronics engineers complete their projects.





Once you have your final circuit prototype on a breadboard and would like to create a small run of PCB boards, launch your idea via crowdfunding websites. A wide variety of different free PCB design and circuit design applications are available to get you started. Freely available PCB applications include EasyEDA, KiCad, ZenitPCB, TinyCAD, Osmond PCB, Fritzing, and DesignSpark PCB to name just a few.


Taking the first example of a PCB design application EasyEDA. EasyEDA is an easier and powerful online PCB design tool that allows electronics engineers, educators, students, makers, and enthusiasts to design and share their projects.



The main benefit of using the JLCPCB PCB manufacturing service is that it offers a one-stop PCB manufacturing and assembly service with stringent quality control. EasyEDA also is called LCEDA, belongs to JLC GROUP together with JLCPCB, after finished the design in EasyEDA, you can get the Gerber files with one click and put them into manufacture in JLCPCB directly.  As one of the most experienced PCB manufacturers and SMT Assemblers in China. JLCPCB is priding itself on customer service and covering all areas of PCB manufacture and assembly.


5 reasons we take JLCPCB as the first choice for the PCB Supplier



1 Make hardware development easier


From pioneering online quoting/ordering system, automatic production to fast delivery, JLCPCB makes it all automatic.



2 Higher Quality


From top-level Raw material like Nanya FR4 material, Solder mask with TAIYO INK PSR-2000 to the most advanced and all Fully-automatic equipment, JLCPCB  takes every effort to improve our products, services, and processes to meet or exceed our customersexpectations.


3 Lower Cost


JLCPCB makes cheapest but top quality PCBs possibly because of scale effect, and only $2 for 5 pcs 2 layer and 4layer PCB prototype boards.


4 Faster Delivery


JLCPCB's factory is 2 hours away from the international airport. JLCPCB has built strategic partnerships with top logistics companies like DHL/FedEx, parcels from JLCPCB have the priority to arrange flights first.


5 24 Hour customer service

Customer-first always is the vision of JLCPCB. If you are facing any problem you can contact their team at any time and their services are available 24 hours a day.


$18 Coupons is ready for you!

Get register here: https://jlcpcb.com/CCA





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