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E-Kart Wiring Schematic

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This includes all of the electronics for the go-karts used for races. This includes a general schematic for the go-kart itself, a schematic for the "PEM Box", and a previous design concept that has since become obsolete.


Cart Schematic (with data recorder)

Data Recorder Schematic

PEM Box Schematic

evGrandPrix Cart Schematic


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity Manufacturer Part Manufacturer Supplier Supplier Part Price LCSC Assembly Mounted BOM_Supplier BOM_Manufacturer BOM_Manufacturer Part BOM_Supplier Part BOM_Mounted
1 12V B1,B2,B3,B4,B5,B6,B7,B8 BATTERY-1 8 LCSC Q&J BS-2-1 C70376
2 Main Contactor RELAY1,RELAY3 RELAY-HF_14 2 LCSC HF HF7520-012-HSTP C53788
3 250A, 48V FUSE1,FUSE3 FUSE-6.10X2.70 2 LCSC Littelfuse 0452003.MRL C99550
4 5A, 48V FUSE2,FUSE4 FUSE-6.10X2.70 2 LCSC Littelfuse 0452003.MRL C99550
6 470 ohm 10W 48V PRE-CHARGE AXIAL-0.3 1
7 1N4004 DIODE1,DIODE2,DIODE3 DO35-10 3
8 Key-Switch KSI SPST-2 1
9 Run-Switch E-STOP NONE 1
10 PEM Box U1,U8 NONE 2 New SchematicLib
11 Series Motor M1,M2 2PIN 2
12 LED-5MM LED1 LED-3MM/2.54 1 LCSC EVERLIGHT 204-10UYC/S530-A3
13 220 - 560 ohm R1,R5 AXIAL-0.3 2
14 SR-48300 U4,U9 NONE 2 Alltrax
15 Data Recorder U2 NONE 1 Ccope19
16 Indicator Relay RELAY2 RELAY-HF_14 1 LCSC HF HF7520-012-HSTP C53788
17 1N4004 DIODE2 DO-41 1
18 Foot-Switch THROT NONE 1
19 LM2576HV-5 U1 TO-220 1 Digi-Key Texas Instruments LM2576HVT-5.0/NOPB LM2576HVT-5.0/NOPB-ND Yes
20 100uF C1 100UF 1 Digi-Key KEMET ESH107M063AH9AA 399-15685-ND Yes
21 1000uF C2 1000UF 1 Digi-Key Illinois Capacitor 108CKE063M 1572-1055-ND Yes
22 100uH L1 INDUCTOR 1 Digi-Key Amgis, LLC SH50C-3.0-100 TE2156-ND Yes
23 MBR0520LT1G D1 SOD-128 1 Digi-Key Panasonic Electronic Components DB2460600L DB2460600LCT-ND
24 ATMEGA328P-PU U6 DIP-28_300MIL 1 Digi-Key Microchip Technology ATMEGA328-PU ATMEGA328-PU-ND No
25 20pF C3,C4 20PF CERAMIC CAPACITOR 2 Digi-Key Vishay BC Components S200K25SL0N63L6R 1265PH-ND Yes
26 10k R1,R2,R4,R3 1/2W RESISTOR 4 Digi-Key Stackpole Electronics Inc. CF12JT10K0 CF12JT10K0CT-ND Yes
27 16Mhz Crystal X1 16MHZ CRYSTAL 1 Digi-Key CTS-Frequency Controls ATS16B CTX1085-ND Yes
28 On/On Switch SW1 ON-ON SWITCH 1 Digi-Key E-Switch 100SP1T1B1M1QEH EG2350-ND No
29 Hall effect sensor U5 TO-92W 1 Digi-Key Melexis Technologies NV US5881LUA-AAA-000-BU US5881LUA-AAA-000-BU-ND No
30 ARDUINO_R3_SHIELD J1 UNO_R3_SHIELD 1 Digi-Key 1141 1528-1044-ND Yes
31 HT16K33 Breakout U2,U3,U4 HT16K33 BREAKOUT BOARD 3 Adafruit HT16K33 1427
32 0.56 Inch 4 Digit Common Cathode 7 Segment Display (w/ decimal, w/o colon) DS1,DS2,DS3 20.4MM COMMON CATHODE 7-SEGMENT DISPLAY 3 Sparkfun 7-Segment Display - 20mm (Green) 11407
33 Momentary Switch SW2,SW3 MOMENTARY SWITCH 2 Digi-Key E-Switch PS1040ABLK EG2031-ND No
34 220k R6,R11 AXIAL-0.3 2
35 20k R7 AXIAL-0.3 1
36 0.00025 SHUNT AXIAL-0.3 1
37 AD623ANZ U7 DIP8 1
38 200 TRIM1 RES-ADJ_3386P 1 LCSC Bochen 3386P-1-101LF C125022
39 0.1uF C5 RAD-0.1 1
40 12k R12 AXIAL-0.3 1
41 10k TRIM2 RES-ADJ_3386P 1 LCSC Bochen 3386P-1-101LF C125022
42 9V B9 BATTERY-1 1 LCSC Q&J BS-2-1 C70376
43 UNO_R3 P1 UNO_R3 1




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