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BT Dreamcatcher TPA2012D2RTJR

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Combines Bluetooth 3.0 Audio Module with Class-D Amplifier and 4.2V Li-ion Battery Charger for wearable/portable audio projects. Rev 3 now includes USB to UART bridge and uses the WT32i internal battery charger.

WT32i DATASHEET REQUIREMENT: "The chip antenna of WT32i requires only a small metal clearance area directly under the antenna. The antenna operation is dependent on the GND planes on both sides of the antenna. Minimum 15mm of GND plane must be placed on both sides of the module and the GND plane of the motherboard must reach under the edges of the module."

15MM on each side + 16MM wide WT32i module = 46MM wide PCB MINIMUM. Don't forget to remove the copper fill beneath the antenna for every layer! Since I'm using this for a sleeping mask/headphone I can get away with making the ground plane and PCB slightly smaller for a shorter range but EMI will be worse. You should use GND via's to help reduce EMI creating a faraday cage with vias around the permiter of the PCB as shown in the WT32i Reference Design PDF. This will help prevent some EMI leakage and improve audio quality from internal PCB interference.

What is so great about this module? In theory, you should be able to customize it by directly plugging it into a PC with a USB data cable and running the iWrap software. If you use the APT-X version you should be able to connect to 2 devices simultaneously. How much you want to customize it for your audio uses (sleeping mask, headphones, portable boom box) while using iWrap is up to you! This should empower users to customize their bluetooth devices for their own specific needs. A sleeping mask will have lower audio alerts or none compared to a headphone or small portable speaker box. When it comes to getting a good nights sleep and not being jolted out of bed by a low battery warning at 100% volume you'll realize that being able to customize things like alert volumes, tones, battery size, charge output, does matter, a lot.

To recharge the module while running on a 4.2V Li-ion battery simply use a USB charging cable instead of a data cable. I designed this module specifically to work with a 2500mAh Li-ion battery.

Silicon Labs CP2102N USB to UART Module. Program with Simplicity Studio. Silicon Labs WT32I-A-AI61-APTX Bluetooth Module. Customize the WT32i via CP210N UART bridge with BlueGiga iWrap terminal software. SPI headers are for firmware updates only, unlikely you will ever need to use the SPI headers. UNTESTED/UNVERIFIED MODULE


BT Dreamcatcher TPA20120D2RTJR

BT Dreamcatcher TPA2012D2RTJR


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity Manufacturer Part Manufacturer Supplier Supplier Part Price LCSC Assembly Mounted BOM_Supplier BOM_Manufacturer BOM_Manufacturer Part BOM_Supplier Part BOM_LCSC Assembly
1 LED-Blue(0603) LED3 LED-0603 1 LCSC EVERLIGHT 19-217/BHC-ZL1M2RY/3T C72041
2 1k R10,R3 0603 2 Mouser Panasonic 667-ERA-3AEB102V
3 TPA2012 TPA QFN-20_4X4X05P 1 LCSC TI TPA2012D2RTJR C7717
4 1u C5,C6,C1,C4 0603 4 Mouser Yageo CC0603KPX5R5BB105 603-CC0603KPX55BB105
5 0.1u C7,C9,C10 0603 3 Mouser AVX 06034C104KAT2A 581-06034C104KAT2A
6 DIP DIP DIPSWITCH-02 1 Mouser CTS Electronic Components 218-2LPSTR 774-2182LPSTR
7 SPI P1 HDR-2.54-6P 1 LCSC BOOMELE 2.54pitch 6P C24361
8 100k R8,R9,R7,R6 0603 4 Mouser Panasonic ERJ-3RBD1003V 667-ERJ-3RBD1003V
9 10uF C8 0603 1 Mouser Murata Electronics ZRB15XR61A106ME01D 81-ZRB15XR61A106ME1D
10 SIGNAL SIG HDR-6X1/2.54 1 LCSC BOOMELE Female header 1*6p C40877
11 TPS79933DDCR U1 SOT-23-5 1 LCSC TI TPS79933DDCR C47677 Yes
12 K8-5851D-L1 SW1 K8-5851D-L1 1 LCSC HRO K8-5851D-L1 C111761
13 USBLC6-2SC6 D1 SOT-23-6 1 LCSC STMicroelectronics USBLC6-2SC6 C7519 Yes
14 MBRA140T3G D2 SMA(DO-214AC)-F 1 LCSC ON MBRA140T3G C54798 Yes
15 1k OHM @ 100mhZ L1 0805 1 LCSC Abracon AIML-0805-R82K-T Mouser
16 3K,50V,0.063W,+/-5% R1 0805 1
17 5.1K,50V,0.063W,+/-5% R2 0805 1
18 CP2102N-A01-GQFN20 U3 CP2102N-A01-GQFN20 1 LCSC SILICON LABS CP2102N-A01-GQFN20 C89049 Yes
20 Micro USB 母座 5P USB1 MICRO-USB-16 1 LCSC Boom Precision Elec - C21377
21 470uF C2 SMD,6.3X7.7MM 1 LCSC Semtech CK0J471M-CRE77 C191791
22 LED-Yellow(0603) LED2,LED1 LED-0603 2 LCSC EVERLIGHT 19-213/Y2C-CQ2R2L/3T(CY) C72038
23 4.7 μF C3,C11 0603 2
24 WT32i MOD1 WT32 1 Digi-Key Silicon Labs WT32I-A-AI61-APTX 336-5508-1-ND


Filename Download
BOM_BT Dreamcatcher TPA2012D2RTJR_20190401043926.csv


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