ProCiv Sleeping Mask Upgrade

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ProCiv sleeping mask has no amplifier and 180mAh battery. It's not enough. This is 10X louder and will last for 48 hours when used with a 2500mAh battery.

This is only a schematic, no module available as it's for a personal project and uses the existing ProCiv module plus Adafruit modules.

  1. Component List:
    • Adafruit 2000mAh Li-ion battery
    • Adafruit 259 Charger
    • Adafruit TS2012 Amplifier
    • Adafruit 40mm 3W 4Ohm speakers
    • ProCiv bluetooth sleeping mask & module

Here is a video of the completed upgrade:



ProCiv Upgrade


ID Name Designator Quantity BOM_Supplier BOM_Manufacturer BOM_Supplier Part
1 LED-Green(0603) LED2 1 LCSC Foshan NationStar Optoelectronics C84267
2 LED-Yellow(0603) LED1 1 LCSC EVERLIGHT C72038
3 MCP73833 MCP 1 Mouser Microchip Technology 579-MCP73833-FCI/UN
4 LED-Red(0603) LED3 1 LCSC Hubei KENTO Elec C2286
5 JST-PH_2-PIN_HEADER 5VIN,LOUT,ROUT,LI-ONBAT 4 Mouser SparkFun 474-PRT-09749
6 1k R2,R1,R3,RT1 4 Mouser Panasonic 667-ERA-3AEB102V
7 2k R4 1 Mouser Panasonic ERA-1AEB202C
8 10k THERM 1 Mouser Panasonic 667-ERT-J1VG103FA
9 150k RT2 1 Mouser Yageo 603-RC0603FR-07150KL
10 10uF C3,C8,C2 3 Mouser Murata Electronics 81-ZRB15XR61A106ME1D
11 TPA2012D2RTJR TPA2012 1 LCSC TI C7717
12 1u C5,C6,C1,C4 4 Mouser Yageo 603-CC0603KPX55BB105
13 0.1u C7 1 Mouser AVX 581-06034C104KAT2A
14 SW_DIP-2 DIP 1 Mouser CTS Electronic Components 774-2182LPSTR
15 100k R8,R9 2 Mouser Panasonic 667-ERJ-3RBD1003V
16 Micro USB-B 5P-Female-SMT_C40940 USB1 1 LCSC ValuePro C40940
17 ProCiv PROCIV 1 Amazon ProCiv B07K6KD4LT
18 CW181-ND SW1 1 Digi-Key CW Industries CW181-ND




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