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Cheap PCB Manufacturer - JLCPCB VS Seeedstudio

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For low quantities of PCBs, there are two main cheap PCB Manufacturer services available that I am aware of: JLCPCB and SeeedStudio. Both of them are cheap and have a good quality . The Board from Easter is cheaper than from western due to cheap labour. Cheap PCB manufacture can help you reduce some budget for hobbyists.

JLCPCB and SeeedStudio are based in ShenZhen China. JLCPCB specializes in quick PCB prototype and small-batch PCB production. Seeed Studio is an open hardware facilitation company and concentrates in fusion PCB, Laser-cutting, 3D printing and so on. Ordering a PCB from them is quite simple and worked without a hitch for me. You order a correct manufacturing option in the web shop and upload design files(Gerber) .

I was very impressed with the service of JLCPCB and Seeedstudio. The quality of the boards they produced and the price I paid was fantastic. Like most of the overseas manufacturers they don’t do 1 off boards but at that price for 5 or 10 it’s almost like having extra boards for free.

I used to buy boards from seeed .Now I buy from JLCPCB.It’s cheaper. And my first order with JLCPCB, so I'll follow up once I get them back.

Personal Review:

Cheap PCB Manufacturer - JlCPCB

Price :For 2 layer PCBs with a size of, or smaller than 10mm x 10mm I can definitely recommend JLCPCB: They have a crazy cheap price : $ 2!!! Jlcpcb for shipping as they left cheapon Monday morning and arrived on my doorstep Sunday morning, not bad for $20 via DHL.

You can also buy bigger PCBs thru their service, the price is extremly competitive. 15cmx15cm is $36.

enter image description here

The quality of the first batch of PCBs was quite good.

I have a new try and choose a red mask. I like red, it’s bold and eye-catching. Below boards from JLCPCB look professional. The traces, planes and empty space are good and noticeably .They were all cut perfectly to size, all perfectly etched and drilled, tinned. Inspection of fine traces on the board for defects is best done with some form of magnification. Silkscreen stands out well against the red background and flux residues clean up well, just as well as on a green board.

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

The edges are smooth without any fibres sticking out. The substrate is normal FR4 . Solderability is excellent without any dirty or damaged pads. .There are some pads for QFN, TSSOP and 0402 parts. I haven’t found any errors so far, I’m impressed. The alignment of the solder mask is very good.As well as the solder mask the silk screen is perfectly aligned. Electrically, the SIMM tested fine.

What’s more, 2 layers and above from JlCPCB will always be 100% tested with a flying probe to  make sure that all tracks and pads are connected.

The PCBs are worth the price and I will definitely use the service again.

CheapPCB Manufacturer - SeeedStudio

Seeedstudio also has a reasonable price($4.9) for the PCB size less than or equal to 10cm x 10cm., but exceeds 10cm x 10cm ,JLCPCB is good choice. I used the DHL,about two weeks ,receiving my boards. Deliver from China, I think JLCPCB has a faster shipping.

enter image description here

Looking at the quality of the board, the color is good. 2 layer, HASL lead-free. No shorts or other obvious manufacturing problems. Board outline was nicely routed, accurate and smooth. Sometimes Drill alignment to pad is noticeably off-center, but it can still use.Bog-standard green with white is probably the best of all the available colours in practical terms. The contrast between traces, planes and vacant space is high so you can inspect your boards easily with the naked eye to check for manufacturing defects. The white silkscreen contrasts well with the soldermask and flux residue cleans up well leaving a professional looking board.

enter image description here

Don’t be so quick to dismiss green as your choice of colour because if your board routing is a work of art then green might just be the best colour to show it off.

Seeed provides turn-key services for fully soldered and assembled prototypes for quantities 2 – 10. You just upload your Gerber files and select components from the Seeed OPL (open part library).

This shows the quality of cheapPCB manufacturer service,and I have to say I have been looking forward to this. JLCPCB and Seeedstudio are definitely high-quality but JLCPCB is a slightly better . After all, it specials in PCB prototype. Check out to query the price.







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