What is new in V4.6.4

EasyEDA has lots of new features in the version V4.6.4. Try it via https://easyeda.com/editor.

Demo Video

New Footprint Manager

In this version we provide a powerful footprint manager tool.
It supports batch modifying component packages. For more detail please refer to the Footprint Manager section.

New Arc tool

A new arc tool which is center point fixed, and you can change the radius easily.

Global Delete

Have you been upset because you couldn't delete the same units of schematic or PCB. Now we tried to solve this problem via the global delete feature.
You can easily globally delete the same units of your choice.

Move selected component

When moving the selected component, the connected wire will move vertically and horizontally.

BOM export on the top toolbar

In the BOM export dialog,you can assign LCSC part's order code for your components.

After clicking on the assign icon,the components and packages search dialog will open in which you can choose the component that you want to assign.

More Align options

The Editor provides more alignment options as below.
These options can make your design more convenient.

Import enhance

New Altium Design Import
It is faster and better, and it support big files. Please make sure that you save the file as ASCII before importing.

Better DXF Import
Importing DXF file to PCB is better.