LNA for RF receiver

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LNA advantageously constructed based PSA4-5043+


  • LNA powered via Bias Tee (DC 3,3...5v) compatible with AirSpy/HackRF;
  • LNA with RF filter (LPF, HPF or BPF) powered via Bias Tee (DC 3,3...5v) compatible with AirSpy/HackRF;
  • RF filter (LPF, HPF or BPF) compatible with Mini-Circuits socket FV1206 (LFCN-x, HFCN-x, BFCN-x series), GP731 (RLP-x, RBP-x, RHP-x series) and GE0805C-3 (BFCG-x series);
  • Power injector for LNA with Bias Tee (DC 5...10v for LDO1117-3v3 or 6,2...15v for LDO1117-5v).

My examples:

Part I

  1. LNA powered via Bias Tee:
    • LNA 50…4000MHz +25…8dB – PSA4-5043+ (socket MMM1362);
  2. LNA with RF filter:
    • LNA with LPF 50…490MHz +25…21dB – PSA4-5043+, LFCN-490 (socket FV1206);
    • LNA with HPF 780…2800MHz +18…9dB – PSA4-5043+, HFCN-740D+ (socket FV1206);
    • LNA with BPF 1530…1620MHz +8…9dB – PSA4-5043+, BFCN-1575+ (socket FV1206);
  3. RF filter:
    • LPF 50…490MHz -0…2dB – LFCN-490;
    • HPF 780…2800MHz -1dB – HFCN-740D+;
    • BPF 1530…1620MHz -2.5dB – BFCN-1575+;
  4. Power injector for LNA:
    • Power Injector 6…15V 0.1A – TCBT-14+.

Part II

  1. LNA with RF filter with alignment of the frequency response:
    • LNA with LPF 136...530MHz +21dB – PMA3-83LNW+ (socket DQ1225), LFCN-630D+ (socket FV1206);
  2. LNA with RF filter:
    • LNA with LPF 50…120MHz +25dB – PSA4-5043+, RLP-120+ (socket GP731);
    • LNA with HPF 300…2200MHz +21…12dB – PSA4-5043+, RHP-260+ (socket GP731);
    • LNA with BPF 292…490MHz +21dB – PSA4-5043+, RBP-400+ (socket GP731);
  3. LNA with RF filter:
    • LNA with BPF 950…2200MHz +18...13dB – PSA4-5043+, BFCG-162W+ (socket GE0805C-3);
    • LNA with BPF 5150…5990MHz +8dB – SAV-581+ (socket MMM1362), BFCG-5600+ (socket GE0805C-3);
  4. RF filter:
    • LPF 50…120MHz -0…1.3dB – RLP-120+;
    • HPF 300…2200MHz -0.3...2dB – RHP-260+;
    • BPF 292…490MHz -1...1.8dB – RBP-400+.


  • LNA frequency range 50...4000(6000) MHz;
  • RF connector: N-type;
  • Feed line: 50 Ohm (Designed with PCB Toolkit V7.08);
  • Used PCB Material: FR-4;
  • PCB thickness: 1.6 mm.


E-mail: [email protected] Telegram: https://t.me/eismeer89


All in one part 1

All in one part 2

PCB all in one part 2

PCB all in one part 1


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity
1 PSA4-5043+ A22,A23,A02,A01 MMM1362 (SPCB) 4
2 N_CONNECTOR type II U05,U22,U06,U07,U26,U25,U08,U04,U28,U27,U03,U02,U01,U23,U24,U21 N_CONNECTOR TYPE II 16
3 10uF C04 C0805 1
4 33uF C05 CAP-SMD_L6.0-W3.2 1
5 AMS1117-5.0_C351787 U09 SOT-223_L6.5-W3.5-P2.30-LS7.0-BR 1
6 PMA3-83LNW+ A21 DQ1225 1
7 18nH L21 L0603 1
8 FV1206 F01,F02,F21 FV1206 3
9 BAV99 D21,D23,D22,D02,D01 SOT-23_L2.9-W1.3-P0.95-LS2.4-BR 5
10 100nF C03 C0805 1
11 1nF C02,C01,C22,C23,C21 C0805 5
12 Header-Male-2.54_1x2 H1 HDR-2X1/2.54 1
13 GP731 F22,F24 GP731 2
14 GE0805C-3 F23 GE0805C-3 1
15 TCBT-14 T1 TCBT-14 1


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