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RF Remote DC Motor Direction Controller—Transceiver

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enter image description here RF Based DC Motor Direction Controller project provides an easy way to control the direction of your DC Motor connected to the receiver. This project has been design around HT12E and HT12D encoder / decoder chips from Holtek. With jumper selectable address on the receiver and transmitter we can control multiple motors in one area without interference with one remote.

Application Remote Motorized Volume Control Remote Toy or Robot Controller Remote Controlled Curtains Features Supply input, Transmitter : 3 ~ 5 VDC, 5 V @ 20 mA & Receiver : 5 V @ 31 mA without Motor Motor current and supply: 5 ~ 6 VDC @ 500 mA Range up to 30Mtrs, open area it can be more Jumper connector selectable 8 bit address code Valid Transmission LED On Board On/OFF Slide Switch for Transmitter Power-On LED indicator in the receiver/transmitter High noise immunity Screw terminal connector and terminal pins for easy input/output connection Four mounting holes of 3.2 mm each PCB dimensions, Transmitter : 60 mm x 37 mm & Receiver : 60 mm x 58 mm


Parts List


RF Remote DC Motor Direction Controller-Transmitter

RF Remote DC Motor Direction Controller-Receiver

RF Remote DC Motor Direction Controller—Transmitter

RF Remote DC Motor Direction Controller -Receiver


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity
1 HT12E-DIP18 U1 DIP18 1
2 470E R1 R3 1
3 LED D1,D2 LED3MM 2
4 560k R2 R3 1
5 SIP2 P1 HDR1X2 1
6 void B1,B2 BUTTON-10MM 2
7 10u C1 C1 1
8 0.1u C2 C1 1
11 RF ASK TX Module U2 HDR1X4 1
12 ANT ANT1 GPS_ANT_13 1
13 HT12D-DIP18 U1 DIP18 1
14 TA7291P U3 HSIP10 1
15 47k R1 R3 1
16 1k R2,R6 R3 2
17 1u C1,C2,C4 C1 3
18 K30 Motor M1 K30 Motor 1
19 4.7k R3,R4 R3 2
20 1E R5 R3 1
21 RF ASK RX Module U2 HDR1X8 1
22 1u C3 CP_8X13MM 1




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