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Comments (8)

Stupidn3rd Reply

Love this! Your the greatest man, truly inspiring. From Milwaukee Wisconsin  U.S.

vkbs Reply

There could be an issue if the battery protection turns off the battery (eg overvoltage) but CN3791 still is in constant voltage mode:
According to datasheets:
FS312F: overvoltage protection 4.225 - 4.275V
CN7391: overvoltage at 4.2V +/- 1% -> max 4.242

CN3791 has no battery detection thus leading in a ripple waveform in the output.

Also if the battery is over discharged, CN3791 blocks until threshold is reached. Unfortunately the battery will then never be connected to the charger. So a undercharged battery will not charge.

This could be avoided to connect the charger directly to the battery. The overcharge protection would then only disconnect the load though :-/

mrRo8o7 Reply

Am i right to choose the voltage divider for mppt pin (R8, R9) according to the maximum Voltage of the Solar panel? Thank you for this project! Reply

I looked at your circuit and I saw something I don't
understand: Resistor R3 part of a voltage divider for boost converter
feedback has an incomplete circuit to ground, It shows as an incomplete
trace in the PCB editor and from what I understand, the finished board could
not function like this ?!?

Sombrion 2.0 Reply

It´s a good job, but why the resistor R3 is not connected to GND?, Is that dangerous for the PCB?

hichm Reply

i do update, R3 linked to GND

combicon Reply

Here, this article mentioned solar powered power bank circuit with over charge and over current protection. ( TP5086 IC module)

Dieter Hamer Reply

Great idea !!

It will be perfect for a camera on a pole that can be off-grid and uses a wireless link.

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