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LTC4365 Over Voltage Protection by 1CM69

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My very 1st PCB design here but in revision 2 as I failed to take in to account the trace sizes in revision 1.

I needed a way to protect my valuable astrophotography equipment from damage by over voltage and there are various methods employed by other using 'crowbar' circuits and the like.

After reading more and hearing they can be sometimes unreliable I decided against the 'crowbar' type of protection and by pure fluke I stumbled on the datasheet for the LTC4365 chip by Linear: LTC4365 Datasheet and this was exactly what I was looking for.

Yes, this chip is also capable of reverse polarity & under voltage protection but I was only interested in using the OV side of things.

The problem is that I have no formal electronics training, I just tinker, this though was way beyond me at the start and if it wasn't for the help I got from a few guys at All About Circuits the project would never have left the starting blocks. Here's my thread where I was helped: SCR Crowbar Circuit Help

So, there it is, an adjustable DC over voltage shutoff circuit, I'll be running 13.8Vdc in to it and I'll probably set the shutdown to 14.3Vdc.

When an over voltage is recognized by the LTC4365 it almost instantaneously shuts down the output & stays this way until the input voltage falls back below the set value. I also took the option to add a LED which only energizes when the shut off is activated.

Next best thing was stumbling across Easy,EDA.


Over Voltage Circuit rev2






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