Antenna Mini-Whip (SMD)

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EasyEDA project for easy and quick build active RA0SMS Mini-Whip antenna. Project include schematic for Antenna & Power Feed Unit and PCBs. Version for mounting SMD components.

Current development progress:

Progress Progress Bug report

Frequency range: 10kHz - 30MHz;
Power: DC 5 - 13 V, 100mA;
RF connector: SMA;
Feed line: 50 Ohm coaxial cable;
Used PCB Material: FR-4;
PCB thickness: 1.6 mm;

Easy-SDR project page at GitHub
Original schematic: RA0SMS Mini Whip
Buy SDR receiver: RTL-SDR.COM

List of changes:

Version 5.0.EE: the RF line width has been recalculated using Saturn PCB Design V7.08. At the moment, the resistance of the RF line is close to 50 Ohms.

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Antenna Mini-Whip (SMD): Main module

Antenna Mini-Whip (SMD): Power feed unit

Antenna Mini-Whip PCB (SMD): Main module

Antenna Mini-Whip PCB (SMD): Power feed unit

Antenna Mini-Whip PCB (SMD): Power feed unit (with RF-isolation transformer)

Antenna Mini-Whip (SMD): Power feed unit (with RF-isolation transformer)

Antenna Mini-Whip PCB (SMD): Power feed unit (with RF-isolation transformer TC1-1T+)


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity BOM_Manufacturer Part BOM_Supplier BOM_Manufacturer BOM_Supplier Part
1 100n C6,C7,C8,C2,C3,C4,C5,C9,C10 0805 9 08055C104JAT2A LCSC AVX C129175
2 470uH L3,L2 7850 2 SM7850-471MT LCSC SXN C10158
3 SMA RECEIVER J3,J5 SMA-EDGE 2 ANKX01.0093 LCSC RFsister C129604
4 SMA ANTENNA J2,J4 SMA-EDGE 2 ANKX01.0093 LCSC RFsister C129604
5 DC005-2.0MM DC1,DC2 DC-5020 2 DC-005 5.5-2.0 LCSC BOOMELE C16214
6 SS14 D1,D2 DO214AC 2 SS14D LCSC Semtech C83912
7 PROBE P1 HDR-1X1/2.54 1 Header-Male-2.54_1x1 LCSC LCSC C81276
8 100p C1 0805 1 CC0805JRNPOBBN101 LCSC YAGEO C107122
9 1M R1 0805 1 RC0805FR-071ML LCSC YAGEO C107700
10 10u L1 0805 1 MLF2012E100JT000 LCSC TDK C76742
11 3k R2 0805 1 RC0805FR-073KL LCSC YAGEO C126350
12 360k R4 0805 1 RC0805FR-07360KL LCSC YAGEO C137539
13 5M1 R3 0805 1 RC0805FR-075M1L LCSC YAGEO C137506
14 82R R5 0805 1 RTT0582R0FTP LCSC RALEC C104532
15 43k R6,R7 0805 2 RTT054302FTP LCSC RALEC C104317
16 BF998 Q1 SOT143 1 BF998E6327HTSA1 LCSC Infineon C108141
17 200R R8 1206 1 RC1206FR-07200RL LCSC YAGEO C114939
18 5R6 R9 0805 1 CR0805F85R60G LCSC LIZ C101807
19 82R R10 2512 1 CR2512J82RE042W LCSC Ever Ohms Tech C175438
20 BFG591 Q2 SOT-223 1 BFG591,115 Digi-Key NXP USA Inc. 568-1985-2-ND
21 47R R11 0805 1 RTT0547R0FTP LCSC RALEC C104358
22 SMA PFU J1 SMA-EDGE 1 ANKX01.0093 LCSC RFsister C129604
23 Header-Female-2.54_1x2 P2 HDR-2X1/2.54 1 826629-2 LCSC TE Connectivity C86471
25 220u C11 SMD,6.3X7.7MM 1 RT1C221M0607 LCSC ROQANG C267468


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