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Multi-channel LED controller, 12V 1A per channel, 1500Hz PWM, RS485/Bluetooth control

2 years ago 2548
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Universal board for LED control.

  • Atmega8/328 on board with programming connector
  • PCA9685 for 16 channel PWM up to 1.5kHz (eye-safe frequency), 12 bits per channel
  • cheap ULN2003 with paired outputs for 1A per channel (2-3 meters of RGB 5050 strip per connector)
  • or SOT23 MOSFETs if you need more power
  • BT05 bluetooth module or MAX485, control by wire or wireless. DMX512 is possible.
  • pads for unused Atmega ports, I2C, RX-TX
  • Music spectrum analyser MSGEQ7 on board
  • 3 user-defined buttons, RESET button, 4 status LEDs, 4 user-defined LEDs on board
  • Most parts are optional, solder what you need

Now, rev 1.0 board is manufactured, partially tested and operable:

  • Power connector and 12V to 5V conversion
  • Atmega8 with 16MHz crystal, ISP connector
  • PWM, ULN2003 outputs
  • Onboard LED indication
  • RS485, with PC via USB-RS485 adapter, also tested as DMX-512 slave device
  • MSGEQ7 is operable, but results with microphone are not very good.

Minor bugs found:

  • RS485 indication is inverted in the initial revision
  • RS485 A and B silk marks should be swapped (A is B, B is A).



ULN2003 Module






ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity Mounted
1 674af1b89b9566cc36d24efbe4c854d9 U1 TQFP-32_7X7X08P 1 Yes C16190
2 82c988b6a55545789bcc0fb753543846 MAX485 SOIC-8_150MIL 1 Yes C143494
3 513fa38a87528e7fa59be752d80173d1 C1,C2,C-MEGA,C-485,C-AREF,C-PCA,C3-1 0805 7 Yes C85865
4 0b6ea66f1a77ef3069b26dadb3d73791 J1 HDR-1X2/2.54 1 Yes C49661
5 cb1fd94b53e347f7af7ae9d2074afb8a QZ1 CRYSTAL_HC49S 1 Yes
6 ce8f74565ae949e4ba9363bffcc6d6a4 C1-2,C1-1 0805 2 Yes C90626
7 6931ea4f91f84b9db1ac1277a6179045 ISP1 AVRISP 1 Yes
8 dd6e99fdd7b94bc4bef799f242c162d5 R1-12,R1-11,R1-6,R1-7,R1-10,R1-3,R1-4,R1-5,R3-1 0805 9 Yes C144127
9 26c07b6f7ca840378d7b8ea83ba8598e SW_RESET DIP TACT SWITCH BUTTON 6X6X2MM. 1 Yes C10889
10 e6f63748b862458f922c0bde31ddd695 HC05/HM1 BLUETOOTH HC05 HM10 1 Yes
11 dd6e99fdd7b94bc4bef799f242c162d5 R1-9 0805 1 Yes C144127
12 668ee7a51ef54985b9e8b62f306c3ab8 R1-8 0805 1 Yes C105427
13 bc707e3e40d859b4753794e9e8905b6b C3 CAP-D10.0XF5.0 1 Yes C10750
14 9afd69b6763c47c294f52feb669c39e2 R1-1,R1-2 0805 2 Yes C104349
15 7ff5b657d9f65ca285001e2b488e2e99 I2C HDR-4X1/2.54 1 Yes C124413
16 6ee28d6c5cdf45eb935cea1cc98ae806 U2 TO-220 1 Yes
17 513fa38a87528e7fa59be752d80173d1 C-RST,C3-2 0805 2 Yes C85865
18 4d6232c046ae4469ab541d10e7069195 SJ9,SJ10,SJ1,SJ2,SJ3 SJ_2S 5 Yes
19 f367c9043b9d696814add546ab641d32 PORT-D HDR-6X1/2.54 1 Yes C40877
20 0b6ea66f1a77ef3069b26dadb3d73791 5V HDR-1X2/2.54 1 Yes C49661
21 fd7d8299141048d59952a6a0e1a5d5e4 D1 DO-41 1 Yes C169151
22 0193f8aecd5e482ea88754f92f59be50 J2 TERMINAL BLOCK 2 3.5MM 1 Yes 220-4260
23 7ff5b657d9f65ca285001e2b488e2e99 POWER HDR-4X1/2.54 1 Yes C124413
24 645deddff5cf419abc52fb378c4f17e8 PWR2 DC-5.5*2.1MM 1 Yes
25 5da959f424ea40c8b3914963f36f4692 ULN1,ULN2,ULN3,ULN4,ULN5 SOIC-16_150MIL 5 Yes C61273
26 7ff5b657d9f65ca285001e2b488e2e99 RGB1,RGB2,RGB3,RGB4,RGB5 HDR-4X1/2.54 5 Yes C124413
27 dedd8d19d288cc4b434967eda0df580a RGBW1,RGBW2,RGBW3,RGBW4 HDR-4X2/2.54 4 Yes C124386
28 6ea25121b94c483db43e60852d1763d7 R4-1,R4-2,R4-3,R4-4,R4-5,R4-6,R4-7,R4-8,R4-9,R4-10,R4-11,R4-12,R4-13,R4-14,R4-15,R4-16 0805 16 Yes C103900
29 a56d535fb7ed491e8aa401e108994a22 ADR1,ADR0,ADR2,ADR3,ADR4 SJ_3 5 Yes
30 65b4454ea3fa472ca681ada6039ebf92 U3 TSSOP-28 1 Yes C92206
31 79e2cc8ba1e744da827a59a78fce117c U4 DIP-8 1 Yes C46749
32 d8a16e0bbb954e25815c1f96c157f801 R3-2 0805 1 Yes C139906
33 70d85270112d474fb0372f737718c1ae C3-4 0805 1 Yes C107115
34 42c0261d4c0f49d3a03e8bc6e075bce2 C3-3 0805 1 Yes C129640
35 21f8f80a3f7c3c2b00b33f71a31ff6ef AUDIO2 HDR-3X1/2.54 1 Yes C49257
36 1d5c06742c9a411a968ef7d183dc2cd8 AUDIO1 PJ-320B 1 Yes C18594
37 2eb0ff4ba0e946b38bbcbdbb5ced339c R3-3,R3-4 0805 2 Yes C104117
38 5db6be25ef9326e979014d00753f39b0 LED1 RGB-5MM 1 Yes C32985
39 26c07b6f7ca840378d7b8ea83ba8598e SW1,SW2,SW3 DIP TACT SWITCH BUTTON 6X6X2MM. 3 Yes C10889
40 dd6e99fdd7b94bc4bef799f242c162d5 R2-5,R2-3,R2-1 0805 3 Yes C144127
41 0130c11688914a559dab2a2234290205 R2-11,R2-12,R2-13,R2-14,R2-7,R2-8,R2-9,R2-10 0805 8 Yes C163966
42 0096ee5813d34364be0d338b3dc6368d LED_U1 CHIPLED_0805 1 Yes
43 0096ee5813d34364be0d338b3dc6368d LED_U2 CHIPLED_0805 1 Yes
44 0096ee5813d34364be0d338b3dc6368d LED_U3 CHIPLED_0805 1 Yes
45 0096ee5813d34364be0d338b3dc6368d LED_U4 CHIPLED_0805 1 Yes
46 0096ee5813d34364be0d338b3dc6368d LED_PWR CHIPLED_0805 1 Yes
47 0096ee5813d34364be0d338b3dc6368d LED_RX CHIPLED_0805 1 Yes
48 0096ee5813d34364be0d338b3dc6368d LED_TX CHIPLED_0805 1 Yes
49 0096ee5813d34364be0d338b3dc6368d LED_I2C CHIPLED_0805 1 Yes
50 02d74a7a73a4602d93b4706b03a5c70f R5-1,R5-3,R5-5,R5-7,R5-9,R5-11,R5-13,R5-15,R5-17,R5-19,R5-21,R5-23,R5-25,R5-27,R5-29,R5-31 0805 16 Yes C25277
51 e25c69b2b3df4648ad474ed377f7d83b R5-2,R5-4,R5-6,R5-8,R5-10,R5-12,R5-14,R5-16,R5-18,R5-20,R5-22,R5-24,R5-26,R5-28,R5-30,R5-32 0805 16 Yes C113193
52 f80e29816fd30bb295222fb4f47bcc25 Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4,Q5,Q6,Q7,Q8,Q9,Q10,Q11,Q12,Q13,Q14,Q15,Q16 SOT-23(SOT-23-3) 16 Yes C20917




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