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Arduino uno ch340g atmega8

2 years ago 1609
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ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity Mounted
1 6120522a8db139790c57da44f34e914a U2 SOIC-16_150MIL 1 Yes
2 31b79266f8074221b33a93115fc2d2e9 R1,R2 R402 2 Yes
3 31b79266f8074221b33a93115fc2d2e9 R4,R3,R5,R6,R8,R9 R402 6 Yes
4 b2a65c545564415e93165180acc6906d TX,RX,ON,LED LED-1206 4 Yes
5 3396e85dc2b34c50b5b3f79acba811fc C1,C4,C5,C6,C12 C_1206 5 Yes 0,07
6 3396e85dc2b34c50b5b3f79acba811fc C2,C3,C8,C9 C_1206 4 Yes 0,07
7 d129e89223ba4cf491b2a77214cb8464 X1 HC-49SMD 1 Yes
8 d129e89223ba4cf491b2a77214cb8464 X3 HC-49SMD 1 Yes
9 f2a11699668c41e3be562ed075f403c0 D1 SOD-123F 1 Yes
10 ae371e4813266cbd097ba766cf593ba2 RST KEY-4.5*4.5 1 Yes
11 31b79266f8074221b33a93115fc2d2e9 R7 R402 1 Yes
12 97e216bfbebc49b58e3e37ecfe6a4282 C7 ELECTRO-SMD-A-3.8MM 1 Yes
13 5ec7395e15f745939880f19864db0566 ICSP HEADER_PRG_2X03 1 Yes
14 32ce56a8b8e94ba8ba2e06be6d509599 U3 TD03B 1 Yes
15 13936842212741729dd8c8d9ab158a6c G$1 POWERSUPPLY_DC-21MM 1 Yes
16 20bd4e1320594117b22d8547286027d5 USB1 MICRO-USB-13 1 Yes
17 050210eb44fb24b0f1f7d73e6372031b A5,A4,A3,A2,A1,A0,REF,GND,D13,D12,D11,D10,D9,D8,VIN,5V,GND.,GND',REF.,RST.,3V3,RX.,TX.,D2,D3,D4,D5,D6,D7,SCL,SDA HDR-1X1/2.54 31 Yes
18 36628af0fe3849a2f482991ed56c81b7 U5 DIP-28_300MIL 1 Yes


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Comments (2)

Philipp Francini Reply

Hey Jose,

thanks for your design! I only have a problem understanding one little Part of this design: In U3 you take the Input Voltage and regulate it to 3.3V, but your NetTag says 5V, how does that work or am i to stupid do understand it?... Please explain it to me. I would really appreciate it!

Have a nice day!

Jose_Adriano Reply

project still under development

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