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This is the PCB file for Hackster tutorial. Tutorial: V2 of this is found here:





ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity BOM_Manufacturer Part
1 DHT11 U1 DHT11 1 DHT11
2 WEMOS D1 MINI U2 WEMOS D1 MINI 1 Wemos D1 mini




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Comments (5)

OfferLa Reply

This is really interesting.

What will be needed to upgrade this project to be sized into nice DHT22 (same characteristics as DHT11) D1-mini shield that will be nicely put onto it with male/female headers on the right places?

All the best!

KGray7 Reply

Thanks for your comment!  The DHT22 has the same footprint as the dht11 so they are interchangeable on a PCB.

Hope that helps!

OfferLa Reply

Thanks for replying to my comment.
I know that DHT22 is equivalent to DHT11 about interface.
What I didn't understand (never made PCB design to the order/soldering stage..) - You say in your BOM there is need to buy DHT11 (I assume the part itself and not a module), and D1 mini. That's what I'm missing.
I have D1 mini on the way to me, and I understand you designed this project as a shield for it.
So - no any part should be soldered on the board you've designed? At least - what about pin headers that should be soldered to connect with the D1 mini itself?

I'd appreciate any clarifications and help - so maybe this will be the first think I'll order from JLCPCB and will try to solder and make it working myself.

Many thanks!

KGray7 Reply

Sorry for my misunderstanding.  I have posted a better version of this shield now, with more of an explanation in the description found here:  I hope that answers your questions.  Also, yes the DHT11 is the sensor itself, not a module.  Your'e correct about the pin headers that should be connected to the D1-Mini.  Does your D1-Mini have male pin headers already soldered to it?  If not, you will need to get 2 of male 1x8 pin headers, and 2 of female 1x8 pin headers.  If it does, you will only need 2 of female 1x8 pin headers.  If you order from Amazon, this might just be better:

Hope this helps!

KGray7 Reply

I also have many projects here.  One is for this shield.

Hope this helps!

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