Universal DRSSTC Driver 2.7

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The UD2 is a universal DRSSTC driver / controller board originally designed by Steve Ward and is an evolution of this UD1.3. The UD2 accepts a fiber-optic interrupter input and is capable of driving some large GDTs for DRSSTC operation. Its' main feature is an adjustable phase-lead controller. It has had a proven track-record in the field and has been used by many serious hobbyists around the world.

If you want to order this board, you should first visit their website: http://www.loneoceans.com/labs/ud27/

LCSC doesn't sell most of the project ICs. So some people prefer the Mouser store. Here is the link for the populated Mouser project: https://eu.mouser.com/ProjectManager/ProjectDetail.aspx?AccessID=ea98910c97

I hope you enjoy!!!


Universal DRSSTC Driver 2.7

Universal DRSSTC Driver 2.7


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity Manufacturer Part Supplier Mounted
1 SN74HC74DR IC6 SOIC-14_150MIL 1 SN74HC74DR Mouser Yes 595-SN74HC74DR
2 74HC08DR2G IC5 SOIC-14_150MIL 1 74HC08DR2G Mouser Yes 863-74HC08DR2G
3 74HC14DR2G IC4 SOIC-14_150MIL 1 74HC14DR2G Mouser Yes 863-74HC14DR2G
4 LM311DR IC7 SOIC-8 1 LM311DR Mouser Yes 595-LM311DR
5 TL3116CD IC8 SOIC-8 1 TL3116CD Mouser Yes 595-TL3116CD
6 UCC27423D IC9,IC10 SOIC-8 2 UCC27423D Mouser Yes 595-UCC27423D
7 LM8365BALMF27 IC11 SOT-23-5 1 LM8365BALMF27 Mouser Yes 926-LM8365BALMF27
8 FDD8424H U1,U2,U3,U4 TO-252-4 4 FDD8424H Mouser Yes 512-FDD8424H
9 R31 0603 1 TR0603D1RP0550 LCSC Yes C149948
10 15Ω R19,R24 0805 2 TC0550B150JT5E LCSC Yes C64288
11 470Ω R4,R6,R14,R26,R25,R9 0805 6 ARG05FTC4700 LCSC Yes C218590
12 1KΩ R18,R2,R3,R5,R23,R8,R10,R11,R12,R21,R15,R22 0805 12 TC0525F1001T5E LCSC Yes C75781
13 1.8K R16 0805 1 RN73H2ATTD1801B25 LCSC Yes C186259
14 4.7K R30 0805 1 ARG05FTC4701 LCSC Yes C218604
15 10KΩ R13 0805 1 TC0550F1002T5E LCSC Yes C57859
16 100KΩ R7,R27 0805 2 TC0525B1003T5E LCSC Yes C55868
17 150pF C32 0805 1 0805N151J101 LCSC Yes C152846
18 1nF C14,C17,C34,C33 0805 4 CL21B102KBANNNC LCSC Yes C51210
19 10nF C10 0805 1 CL21B103KBCNNNC LCSC Yes C84715
20 100nF C18,C20,C36,C4,C5,C26,C7,C8,C27,C11,C12,C13,C15,C16 0805 14 CL21B104KBFWPNE LCSC Yes C307360
21 1uF C9,C25,C19,C6 0805 4 CL21B105KOFNNNE LCSC Yes C24123
22 1uF C31,C24 1206 2 CL31B105KBHNNNE LCSC Yes C1848
23 2.2uF C21,C30 1210 2 1210B225K500NT LCSC Yes C1950
24 4.7uF C29,C22,C23,C28,C35 1206 5 1206F475M500NT LCSC Yes C46818
25 220uF C1,C4A,C4B CAP-8*12 3 35YXJ220M8X11.5 LCSC Yes C88851
26 330uF C2,C3 CAP-D8.0XF3.5 2 25ZLH330MEFC8X11.5 LCSC Yes C109394
27 50K R29 RES-ADJ_EVM3X3 1 EVM3ESX50B54 LCSC Yes C11962
28 10KΩ R20 RES-ADJ_3296W 1 3296W-1-103LF LCSC Yes C34846
29 51Ω R1 RES-9.0MMX3.3MM-RSF1WS 1 MOF2WS-51Ω±5% T LCSC Yes C121632
30 5.1Ω R17,R28 AXIAL-6.3X2.4 2 RD50T55R1J LCSC Yes C167592
31 1000uF C4C CAP-D8.0XF3.5 1 35PX1000MEFC10X20 LCSC Yes C136014
32 DF04SA-E3/77 B1 DFS-8.51X6.5 1 DF04SA-E3/77 Mouser Yes 625-DF04SA-E3
33 MBR0530 D1,D2,D5,D4,D7,D6 SOD-123 6 MBR0530 Mouser Yes 512-MBR0530
34 GSD2004W-E3-08 D14,D15 SOD-123 2 GSD2004W-E3-08 Mouser Yes 78-GSD2004W-E3-08
35 MCL4148-TR3 D3,D8,D9,D10,D11,D12,D13 SOD323F 7 MCL4148-TR3 Mouser Yes 78-MCL4148-TR3
36 MC7805ECDTX IC1 TO-252 1 MC7805ECDTX Mouser Yes 512-MC7805ECDTX
37 R-789.0-0.5 IC2 SIP-3-MORNSUN-11.5X7.5-H17.5 1 R-789.0-0.5 Mouser Yes 919-R-789.0-0.5
38 MC7824BD2TG IC3 TO-263-3(5.08X10) 1 MC7824BD2TG Mouser Yes 863-MC7824BD2TG
39 BLUE LED-PWR 0805 (2012 METRIC) (DIODE) 1 LTST-C171TBKT Mouser Yes 859-LTST-C171TBKT
40 OPF2412T RX1 HFBR-1414TZ 1 OPF2412T Mouser Yes 828-OPF2412T
41 IF-D95T RX2 IFD95 1 IF-D95T Digi-Key Yes FB123-ND
42 7M3-393 L1 71K 1 7M3-393 Coilcraft Yes 7M3-393
43 210S-1*3P L=11.6MMGold-plated black SW1 210S-1X3P 1 210S-1*3P L=11.6MMGold-plated black LCSC Yes C124376
44 Header-Male-2.54_1x1 JP2,JP1,LED_1,2,6,3,5,4,TP1,TP2,H1,H4,H3,H2 HDR-1X1/2.54 14 Header-Male-2.54_1x1 LCSC Yes C81276
45 Header-Female-2.54_1x2 PHASE2,PHASE1,PHASE3,GDT1,24VDC,20VAC,GDT2,OCD-CT,FB-CT HDR-1X2/2.54 9 2.54-1*2PFemale LCSC Yes C49661


Filename Download
BOM_Universal DRSSTC Driver 2.7.csv
PCB_Gerber_Universal DRSSTC Driver 2.7.zip


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Comments (2)

Little_Arc Reply

I hope you make some awesome sparks with this!! ;)

Dany_Boy55 Reply

CAREFUL! The PCB layout for the Broadcom receiver is wrong! pins 2 and 3 seem to be inverted. If you solder a receiver it will be fried!

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