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9600 baud Dial-up FSK modem

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ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity Manufacturer Part Manufacturer Supplier Supplier Part Price LCSC Assembly Mounted BOM_Supplier BOM_Supplier Part BOM_Manufacturer BOM_Manufacturer Part
1 RJ-11 RJ1 RJ11-TH_2PIN_55A-1X1-6P2C-E-13H 1 LCSC C189745 Shenzhen Cankemeng -
2 3R075TA-6 TV1 GDTS_THT 1 LCSC C13329 RUILON 3R075TA-6
3 10 R1,R2 AXIAL-0.4 2 LCSC C109318 YAGEO RC0603FR-0710RL
4 Littelfuse R3,R12 PS-RES-7.0*5.6-E 2 LCSC C179049 Littelfuse V250LA4P
5 10nF C1,C2 CAP-RAD-0.1 2 LCSC C342523 TDK C1608X7R2A103KT000N
6 10KΩ R4,R5,R11,R19,R20 AXIAL-0.4 5 LCSC C92367 Sunlord SDNT1608X103J3950HTF
7 100nF C3 CAP-RAD-0.1 1 LCSC C327087 YAGEO CC0603JRX7R8BB104
8 100KΩ R6 AXIAL-0.4 1 LCSC C92368 Sunlord SDNT1608X104J4250HTF
9 27K R7 AXIAL-0.4 1 LCSC C101316 LIZ CR0603JA0273G
10 HQ17-2102UWC LED1 LED-DIP-4.3MM 1 LCSC C154480 HARVATEK HQ17-2102UWC
11 1nF C4,C8 CAP-RAD-0.1 2 LCSC C85968 MuRata GRM1882C1H102JA01D
12 47KΩ R8,R14 AXIAL-0.4 2 LCSC C86142 MuRata NCP18WB473J03RB
13 470pF C5,C9 CAP-RAD-0.1 2 LCSC C326973 YAGEO CC0603JRNPO0BN471
14 150K R9 AXIAL-0.4 1 LCSC C126897 LIZ CR0603FA1503G
15 100pF C6 CAP-RAD-0.1 1 LCSC C344186 CCTC TCC0603COG101J500CT
16 1KΩ R10,R29 AXIAL-0.4 2 LCSC C336844 PANASONIC ERJ3RBD1001V
17 20pF C7 CAP-RAD-0.1 1 LCSC C63680 FH 0603CG200J201NT
18 22KΩ R13 AXIAL-0.4 1 LCSC C86144 MuRata NCP18XW223J03RB
19 47nF C10,C11 CAP-RAD-0.1 2 LCSC C307354 Samsung Electro-Mechanics CL10B473KC8WPNC
20 220K R15,R16 AXIAL-0.4 2 LCSC C217882 Viking Tech ARG03FTC2203
21 MMSZ5226BT1G D2,D3 DO-41F 2 LCSC C235771 ON Semicon MMSZ5226BT1G
22 33K R17,R18 AXIAL-0.4 2 LCSC C365146 ResistorToday HPCR0603F33K0K9
23 220nF C12,C13 CAP-RAD-0.1 2 LCSC C161186 SAMSUNG CL10F224ZA8NNNC
24 2n3904S-RTK/PS Q1 TO-92(TO-92-3) 1 LCSC C18536 KEC 2n3904S-RTK/PS
25 1N4007RLG D1,D4,D5 DO-41 3 LCSC C53568 ON 1N4007RLG
26 DB9 J1 DSUB9+2P-2.77-90D-MALE 1 SeeedStudio 320110017
27 DC005-2.0MM DC1 DC-5020 1 LCSC C111567 SOFNG DC005-2.0MM
28 LM7805-Vertical U2 TO220 VERTICAL ON HEATSINK 1
29 1u C14 CAP-D4.0XF1.5 1
30 4u7 C15 CAP-D4.0XF1.5 1
31 ICL7660SCPAZ U3 DIP-8 1 LCSC C13725 Intersil ICL7660SCPAZ
32 10u C16,C17 CAP-D4.0XF1.5 2
33 VREG Jumper P1 HDR-2X2/2.54 1 LCSC C66690 BOOMELE Double Rows2.54mm2*2pHeaders  Pins
34 LM324 U1 DIP14 1 LCSC C351427 PUOLOP LM324


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