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4S battery holder from the 7S design copy

2 years ago 143
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Not tested yet This design improment came from the following video:

The improvemtns that I made:

  1. Different battery holder: A. So the battaris will snap in and will not fall off. B. The battery is not in a case, so better air flow. C. The holders can dissapate the battery heat to the PCB.
  2. Large ground plane to cool the battery.
  3. Small jumpers so the PCB can be anything from 2S-7S
  4. M3 holes to be used with brass spacers.
  5. Smaller overall PCB.
  6. Some other improments.

Battery Clip

8 Pin Header


4S Power Bank copy

PCB_V1 copy


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity Mounted
1 0670647e5cbc4337a8d20c54ccd5e2b2 B1,B2 54 THM HOLE 2 Yes 36-54-ND
2 0670647e5cbc4337a8d20c54ccd5e2b2 B3,B4 54_THM_HOLE 2 Yes 36-54-ND
3 SMD2920P300TF/15 F1 SMD2920 1 Yes C20829
4 4629516b2d714db4ac0976b5d93f9358 SJ1 SJ_2S_L 1 Yes
5 71e45fc8ce4a429f9330872d7b7054b5 TP3 PAD.03X.04 1 Yes
6 6c7d4cfe77054caba68c50c4be374cfd 3S,2S SJ_2S_L 2 Yes
7 355f04a15ac74ae6b97cef5b0c71f6b7 P1 DIP-1X5P-2.54MM-M 1 Yes C124379




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