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Sonica 1

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SONICA 1 - Headphone Amplifier with TPA6120

Sonica 1 is a rebirth of an older design of mine. A few years back I designed a small PCB for a headphone amplifier, based on BurrBrown (TI)TPA6120A2 chip amplifier. I made a power supply on a piece of test PCB with a toroidal transformer. The end result was quite pleasing and I have used it since then as my main source for music at home, whenever I wanted to use my headphones. You can find more information on that project here. I decided to give this project a new life and design improved PCB while using the same enclosure to house it. The old toroidal transformer is replaced with sealed one. The input capacitor for the main regulators are doubled and the potentiometer is now large ALPS. There is a fix in the control circuit. My old design was switching on the output with a second delay and switching it off the same way. The fix allows the output to switch off as soon as power is switched off, so the headphones are disconnected before the large capacitors discharge, removing any unpleasant audible effects. I ended up using EasyEDA for my design this time. More precisely the beta version of the Desktop EasyEDA Editor. Now I can do offline design as well. One thing that isn't well developed yet is the BOM generator, so I attached my own version with better sorting and manufacturer name column added.

Update on the project: PCB assembled and amplifier rebuilt. More info and photos here. enter image description hereenter image description here

A license reminder. This project is open source, but with a license agreement (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0). Feel free to use my work as long as it is in line with this license. Thank you!

NOTE - When The PCB is assembled, I will add a photo. This will take some time as many components were bought on eBay from Chinese sellers and shipping takes a long time.

Change Log Rev1.3 - 07.2017

  • Fixed footprint for WIMA 100nF capacitor (pin spacing was 2mm instead of 2.5mm)
  • Fixed footprint for LM317/337 heatsink (mounting hole enlarged from 0.8mm to 1.4mm)
  • Mains AC connector changed to 5 pin (only 3 pins mounted for safety)
  • Minor improvement of plane on top layer around top N.C. pins of TPA6120A2

Rev1.2 - 05.2017

  • 10 Ohm output resistors changed from 1W to MELF0204
  • N.C. pins of TPA6120 connected to ground
  • Ground plane added for the amplifier area
  • PCB updated and PCB order placed

Rev1.1 - 05.2017

  • Added ground plane for power supply area of the PCB. No schematic change

Rev1.0 - 05.2017

  • Initial version of the new design








ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity Manufacturer Part Manufacturer Supplier Supplier Part Price LCSC Assembly Mounted BOM_Manufacturer Part BOM_Supplier BOM_Supplier Part
1 230/115VAC P1 B5B-XH-A_3PIN_HIV 1
2 SMS240 D1,D3,D2,D4,D5,D6 SMS240_SCHOTTKY_DIODE 6 SMS240
3 2200u/25V C1,C2,C3,C4 CAP_EL_D12.5XF5.0/D16.0XF7.5 4 EEUFR1E222S
4 LM317 U1 TO220_FK237SA220V_SIMPLE 1 LM317
5 LM337 U2 TO220_FK237SA220V_SIMPLE 1 LM337
6 2k R1,R2 MMU0204 2 MMA02040C2001FB300
7 10u/25V C7,C8,C15,C16 CAP_EL_D5.0XF2.0 4 EEUFR1H100
8 240 R3,R4 MMU0204 2 MMA02040C2400FB300
9 330n C10 0805 1 C0805C334K3RACTU
10 100n C11 0805 1 C0805C104K5RACTU
11 LINE IN Left P2 B2B-XH-A 1
12 LINE IN Right P3 B2B-XH-A 1
13 100u/25V C13,C14,C9,C12 CAP_EL_D6.3XF2.5 4 EEUFR1E101
14 100n C17,C19,C18,C20,C5,C6 CAP_3.0X4.6XF2.5 6 MKS0C031000C00MSSD
15 1k R10,R12,R11,R13,R17,R16 MMU0204 6 MMA02040C1001FB300
16 51 R6,R7 MMU0102 2 MMA01020C5109FB300
17 10 R14,R15 MMU0204 2 MMA02040C1009FB300
18 10k R8,R9 MMU0204 2 MMA02040C1002FB300
19 Headphones P4 B3B-XH-A 1
20 LL4148 D7 DIODE_MINIMELF 1 LL4148
21 TPA6120A2DWP U5 TI-DWP20-3730X2350TP_N_FIXED 1 TPA6120A2DWP Farnell 1462138
22 EA2-5NU K1 EA2-5NU_ 1 EA2-5NU Farnell 1094030
23 NE555 U4 SOIC_8 1 NE555DR
24 20k RP2 RES-ADJ_3296W 1 3296W-1-203LF
25 PowerLED LED1 LED3MM 1
26 680 R5 MMU0204 1 MMA02040C6800FB300
27 Transformer T1 YHDC_PTC35 1 YHDC eBay
28 7805 U3 SOT-89(SOT-89-3) 1 L78L05
29 10k Log RP1 ALPS_RK27112A00CC 1 RK27112A0-S25-C0-A103


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