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Flashing Light Challenge 2017 - @RobSmithDev

2 years ago 371
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The circuits involved in the flashing light prize 2017 This was the most elaborate and badly made circuits I could make with the bits lying around.

Entire setup is:

Music is played into a microphone

Microphone connected to 741 Preamp circuit with simple low pass filter

741 op-amp acts as a peak detector (using pot to trim to desired level)

  1. Fed into a 555 one-shot monostable to produce pulses
  2. Pulses turn on another 555 which generates an audible tone
  3. Tone is fed into a 2.5Ghz audio/video sender
  4. Tone is received by a 2.5Ghz audio/video receiver and fed into the Line In on the computer
  5. An HTML5 page receives the audio, detects the pulses and calculates the BPM
  6. The BPM is then predicted when the audio contains no beat
  7. The HTML5 page connects to a web server via Web Sockets
  8. Each time a beat is detected or simulated the phrase "BEAT" is sent
  9. The server monitors connections and when it receives the phrase "BEAT" it transmits the phrase "Beat" (note different capitalization) to all other connected sockets.
  10. A second web page fed from the web server is loaded on my mobile phone
  11. When it receives the word "Beat" from the server it toggles the screen white or black
  12. A solar cell sits on the phone screen, and when white triggers an op amp to swing full on or off
  13. The op-amp output is fed into a transistor
  14. The transistor switches on and off a relay
  15. The relay when switched in one direction charges a capacitor from a 9V battery
  16. The relay when switched in the other direction discharges it into the lamp!

Simple eh Photo sensor detects and controls transistor which triggers and toggles one of them RF wall plugs. Power plug turns on a transformer which triggers spinning a motor left or right One side a capacitor is charged The other side it is discharged through the smallest lamp I can find


Preamp with peek detection

Beat Detector and Tone Generator

Solar Cell Trigger


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity
1 9 V1,V2 BATTERY-1 2
3 33uF C1 CAP-D3.0XF1.5 1
4 1k R1,R3,R5,R6,R8,R4 AXIAL-0.3 6
5 UA741CP U2,U3,U4,U5 DIP-8 4
6 20k R2,R4,R7 AXIAL-0.3 3
7 10u C2,C4,C5 CAP-D3.0XF1.5 3
8 2.2u C3 CAP-D3.0XF1.5 1
9 10k R9,R2 RES-ADJ_3386P 2
10 Header-Female-2.54_1x2 P1 HDR-1X2/2.54 1
11 NE555P U1,U2 DIP-8 2
12 10n C1 RAD-0.1 1
13 220u C2 CAP-D3.0XF1.5 1
14 330R R2 AXIAL-0.3 1
15 1u C3,C4 CAP-D3.0XF1.5 2
16 100R R5 AXIAL-0.3 1
17 Audio-PJ001 J1 AUDIO-PJ001 1
18 204-10UYC/S530-A3 LED1 LED-3MM/2.54 1
20 OP07CP U1 DIP-8 1
21 BFY51 Q1 TO-92(TO-92-3) 1
22 12V Relay RELAY1 RELAY-SL-SRD 1
23 1N4148 D1 DO-35 1
24 1k L1 1X02 1
25 4700u C1 CAP-D3.0XF1.5 1


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