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Line Following Robot

3 years ago 37738
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Line Following Robot without Microcontroller


Line_Following_Robot_Pcb Sheet A4

line following pcb


ID Value Qty. Package Components
1 LM358 1 DIP08 NO
3 BO Motor-1 1 2PIN M1
4 BO Motor-2 1 2PIN M2


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Comments (26)

Bhavana M Reply

It is awesome.....but i have one doubt......if we place any two dimensional object over the line we draw......will it be able to move over it????

manoranjan2050 Reply

Very NIce..................

Rashmitha Ravichandran Reply

What is the component u used at 7:15 sec in the line follower robot

Ammar Adnan Reply

@bhavana999ict that is a good question I have the same doubt.

ravinayan Reply

Hi Tapendra,
Could you pls let me know what did you use to make the track / Line for the Line following robot.
Pls let me know over my mail id [email protected]
Thanks and regards,
Ravi nayan

Kiran Gawade Reply

Bro your videos very nice. I like your videos. Plz send me the clap switch ckt diagram.
Plz help me

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Mc Qays Reply

i am curious about your robot, can you teach me how to do that

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Jahnsmith Reply

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sagamicrodesign Reply

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