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7S battery holder

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Not tested yet See this Video first:

This design improment came from the following video:

The improvemtns that I made:

  1. Different battery holder: A. So the battaris will snap in and will not fall off. B. The battery is not in a case, so better air flow. C. The holders can dissapate the battery heat to the PCB.
  2. Large ground plane to cool the battery.
  3. Small jumpers so the PCB can be anything from 2S-7S
  4. M3 holes to be used with brass spacers.
  5. Smaller overall PCB.
  6. Some other improments.

Battery Clip

8 Pin Header


7S Power Bank



ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity Mounted
1 54_THM-18650_Battery_Holder B1,B2,B3,B4,B5,B6,B7 54 THM HOLE 7 Yes 36-54-ND
2 8P P1 8_PIN_HEADER_1_ROWS 1 Yes
3 SMD2920P300TF/15 F1 SMD2920 1 Yes C20829
5 TEST-POINT3X4 TP3 PAD.03X.04 1 Yes
6 SOLDERJUMPERNC Large 6S,5S,4S,3S,2S SJ_2S_L 5 Yes


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Comments (1)

kmurithi Reply
  1. When assembled the cell holders are too close and can short when adding batteries. requires more spacing between the batteries. 5mm more in between.

  2. both negative standoff terminals are touching the battery holder and are pushed outwards when the adjacent  batteries are inserted. requires more spacing, 6mm more outward

  3. separation of the battery clip holder pads on the top side need more separation from the grounding copper .

  4. the distance of the cell clips between the positive and negative terminals for each cell need to be brought closer by 4mm due to design of the choose battery clips.

do not order as is, modify first.
otherwise good design especially since it can work from 2s-7s, and with modifications can be scaled beyond 7s.

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