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Multiway Switching to Multiple Lamp Groups with only 2 wires

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What if multiple lamp groups need to be controlled in an existing single lamp group (Multiway switching circuit) situation.? The cabling (1 line – hot - wire and two - nonhot - wires) between switch(es) and the lamp group is existent, buit-in walls and/or ceilings in most cases and this cabling is not possible to be modified or extended.
This circuit offers a safe and flexible possibility to control more than 1 lamp group by re-using of a part of the existing cabling (only 2 wires between switches and lamps required) and replacing (all) the switches by NC pushbuttons.
The circuit is based on an Attiny85 which can have up to 6 GPIO’s. With the presented solution, up to 3 lamp groups could be controlled. One of the GPIO’s will be used as trigger input (is always required as a single control input), one is used for Reset and one for buzzer control. The buzzer control could be skipped, making it possible to control 4 lamp groups. If the Reset can also be ‘sacrificed’, a 5Th lamp group could be controlled, though this is not recommended, since this requires setting of fuses and the Reset capability can only be recovered afterwards by High Voltage programming.



Salon Multi Light v2.0


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity
1 100u C2 CAP-D6.3XF2.5 1
2 Yellow LED1 LED-0805 1
3 ICSP DC3 6p P1 DC3_6P 1
4 SSR G3MB-202P K1,K2 SSR G3MB-202P 2A 2
6 HLK-2M05 U5 PWRM-TH_HLK-2M03 1
7 Buzzer S1 5VBUZZER_2 1
8 100n C3 1206 1
9 1k R4,R6,R5 0402 3
10 1k R11 R0603 1
11 10k R10,R9 R0603 2
12 1k5 R8 R0805 1
13 13k R7 0402 1
14 ATTINY85-20SU U1 SOIC-8_208MIL 1
15 10k R3 0805 1
16 . D3 C005_3 1
17 4u7 C4,C5 CAP-D5.0XH5.5 2
18 MCP73831T-2ATI/OT U4 SOT-23-5 1
19 10n C6 0603 1
20 PC814 U2 DIP4 1
21 180k R2,R1 1206 2
22 AO3400 Q3,Q2,Q4,Q1 SC-59-3 4
23 74HC1G14GV,125 U3 SOT-753 1
24 SS34 D1,D2,D4 SMA(DO-214AC) 3
25 Red LED3,LED2 LED-0805 2
26 2u2 C1 CASE-A_3216 1
27 KV142V_508_6P P2 KF142V_508_6P PCBL 1
28 BS-2-1 B1 BATTERY-1 1


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