Lunar Keyboard MK3

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Keyboard Layout

Lunar Keyboard An open-source 60% keyboard PCB. Compatible with Cherry MX-style switches, keeps SMD parts to a minimum, and should fit in most poker/gh60 style cases.

As of now, untested in practice. However, the design was checked many times. Use at your own risk.

Suggested layout @ Keyboard-Layout-Editor:

License: CC-BY-SA 3.0

Parts list - Surface Mount

  • 1x ATMEGA32U2
  • 1x MICROUSB CONNECTOR - Here is a stock photo of the ones I used to design it:
  • 1x 1206 RESISTOR 1.5K
  • 2x 1206 RESISTOR 10K
  • 2x 1206 RESISTOR 22
  • 1x CRYSTAL 16MHz
  • 2x 0805/0603 CAP 22PF
  • 1x 0805 CAP 1UF
  • 2x 0805 CAP 0.1UF
  • 1x 0805 CAP 4.7UF

Parts list - Regular

  • 64x 1/4W or 1/8W RESISTOR 2.5K-3.5K or so
  • 64x DO35 DIODE 1N4148
  • 64x Your favorite Cherry MX-compatible switches
  • 64x 3mm flat top or 2x3x4mm LED
  • 1x 60% keyboard case
  • 1x keyboard plate:
    1. Use this layout data:
    1. Paste raw data into swillkb's plate builder
    1. Poker style case, corners 2mm, kerf 0.15mm for Lasergist
  • 64x Your favorite keycaps
    1. Ordering a full size keyboard cap set will work - Use numpad 0 as 2U shift
    1. Blanks recommended for cheap cost and compatibility with layout
    1. For a custom set: Regular 60% ANSI keys + At least 8x R1 1U (Layer, Ctrl, Arrows, Del, RShift) + 2U R1 for shift

Parts list - Optional

  • 128x SIP sockets for hot-swappable LEDs
  • 1x Dynamat Xtreme for case dampening + 1x Roll of electrical tape to prevent shorting on surface
  • 1x Spraypaint for painting plate
  • 1x Fancy cables sleeved with color of choice
  • 1x Magnetic MicroUSB cables for easy removal
  • 1x Krytox mixture or RO-59 keyswitch lubricant
  • 64x Dampening O-Rings

Build instructions

  1. Have PCB printed - Price comparing suggests EasyEDA Fab is the cheapest
  2. Solder on ATMEGA and MicroUSB connectors first
  3. Beginning with smaller parts, solder all the SMD components on
  4. Make sure the transistor's thermal is attached to the giant thermal pad.
  5. Solder all diodes and resistors as flat/close to PCB as possible. Double check diode directions since some are flipped
  6. Possibly test at this stage - flash firmware with something like FLIP and jump the switch pads with some wires to check for keystrokes being sent
  7. Prepare plate with paint if desired, then fit all switches onto plate
  8. Join assembled plate and PCB
  9. Solder switches in, as well as LEDs (or SIP sockets)
  10. Possibly test at this stage that everything is working properly
  11. Prepare case as desired, then screw PCB-plate-switch into case
  12. Add your keycaps
  13. Party


Please work

Hopefully this should turn out good


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity
1 MX U1,U2,U3,U4,U5,U6,U7,U8,U9,U10,U11,U12,U13,U16,U17,U18,U19,U20,U21,U22,U23,U24,U25,U26,U27,U30,U31,U32,U33,U34,U35,U36,U37,U38,U39,U40,U43,U44,U45,U46,U47,U48,U49,U50,U51,U52,U53,U54,U55,U60,U61,U62,U63,U64 Cherry MX 1U 54
2 1N4148 D1,D2,D3,D4,D5,D6,D7,D8,D9,D10,D11,D12,D13,D14,D15,D16,D17,D18,D19,D20,D21,D22,D23,D24,D25,D26,D27,D28,D29,D30,D31,D32,D33,D34,D35,D36,D37,D38,D39,D40,D41,D42,D43,D44,D45,D46,D47,D48,D49,D50,D51,D52,D53,D54,D55,D56,D57,D58,D59,D60,D61,D62,D63,D64 DO-35 64
3 1/4W R1,R2,R3,R4,R5,R6,R7,R8,R9,R10,R11,R12,R13,R14,R15,R16,R17,R18,R19,R20,R21,R22,R23,R24,R25,R26,R27,R28,R29,R30,R31,R32,R33,R34,R35,R36,R37,R38,R39,R40,R41,R42,R43,R44,R45,R46,R47,R48,R49,R50,R51,R52,R53,R54,R55,R56,R57,R58,R59,R60,R61,R62,R63,R64 AXIAL-0.4 64
4 MX U14,U42 Cherry MX 2U 2
5 MX U15,U28 Cherry MX 1.5U 2
6 MX U29 Cherry MX 1.75U 1
7 MX U41 Cherry MX 2.25U 1
8 MX U56,U57,U58 Cherry MX 1.25U 3
9 MX U59 Cherry MX 6.25U 1
11 ATMEGA32U2 U65 TQFP32-08 1
12 MicroUSB U66 MicroUSB Ebay Connectors 1
13 22 R66,R67 1206 2
14 Button1 S1 BUTTON 1
15 X053201602002 Y1 X2-SMD-5.0X3.2X1.3MM 1
16 22p C1,C2 0805 2
17 1u C3 0805 1
18 10k R68,R69 1206 2
19 0.1u C4,C5 0805 2
20 4.7u C6 0805 1
21 PTC F1 PTC-1206 1
22 1.5k R65 1206 1




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omerzaid Reply

Thank you for sharing this project , wish you good luck

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