A simple Joule Thief circuit.

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A simple single transistor Joule Thief circuit.

To run this simulation, click on "Open in Editor" then do:


save the file when prompted and then do:

Ctrl+R > Transient > Run

A simple single transistor Joule Thief circuit.



for background and other links.

R1 represents the source resistance of the input supply.

V1 is a pulse source set to ramp up VCC from 0V to 1.5V to kick the circuit into oscillation.

The circuit will start with V1 set to a simple 1.5V source but will take a little longer to build up to full oscillations.

Note that the so-called Joule Thief is an example of a type of circuit referred to as a Blocking Oscillator:



Single transistor Joule Thief circuit.


ID Name Designator Quantity
1 100 R1 1
2 1k R2 1
3 100u L1,L2 2
4 2N3904 Q1 1
5 LED D1 1
6 Ammeter AMMETER 1
7 PULSE(0 1.5 0 1u) VBATT 1


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