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How to edit an existing PCB Lib

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How to edit any existing PCB Lib (a.k.a. footprint or package) from the EasyEDA library.

1) To edit an existing PCB Lib (footprint/package) first, find it using the SHIFT+F search then left-click on the desired PCB footprint in the list that appears to select it and to check the preview.

2) Next, right-click on it and click on Clone (or click on More > Clone).

enter image description here

3) Rename the copy:

enter image description here

4) Then click OK to save it.

5) Find the renamed copy using the SHIFT+F search then left-click on it in the list to select it.

enter image description here

6) Next, click on Edit.

The PCB Lib will open the footprint in the PCB Libs editor:

enter image description here

7) Make whatever changes required then Save it.

8) Then go to:

Document > EasyEDA Source...

to open the EasyEDA Source Editor window and edit a new name for the contributor and enter the new package name between the double quotes (" ") in the fields outlined in red:

enter image description here

Do not change anything else!

enter image description here

9) Click Apply and note the changes to the Contributor and Package fields:

enter image description here

  • If you have made a mistake and the edited PCB Lib is incorrect then DO NOT SAVE IT but go back to step 5 and proceed from there.

If the edited PCB Lib is correct then Save the edited PCB Lib.

10) Find the renamed copy again using the SHIFT+F search then left-click on it in the list to select it.

11) Wait a second or so and then right-click on it and select Modify

The edited footprint will appear to the creator in My Parts:

enter image description here

It can also be found by everyone using the SHIFT+F search under User Contributions but for anyone but the creator to use it, they must first left-click to select it and see the preview and then right-click on it and click Add Favorite:

enter image description here





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Comments (6)

rexlcd Reply

Hi! When I try to save, it gives "Permission denied". Any solution?

Cross_ Reply

outdated documentation

andyfierman Reply


You have to save the cloned copy with a different (i.e. unique) name.

andyfierman Reply


The library search tool has been updated several times since this documentation was written but the basic steps of the process are the same.

darlin Reply

When I try to edit a cloned item, the item's schema window appears instead of the item's pcb view. How can I edit this element from the pcb view?

andyfierman Reply


If you want to edit the PCB Footprint that is assigned to a particular Schematic Symbol then you have to either:
1) note the name of that PCB Footprint:


and then search for it in the Search Libraries tool but looking under the PCB Libs tab:


then select and double-left-click on the name of PCB Footprint in the list to open it in the PCB Lib Editor.


2) If you have the Schematic Symbol and the PCB Footprint of a selected part visible in the right hand preview window like this:


then just double-left-click on the preview of the PCB Footprint to open it in the PCB Lib Editor.

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