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How to edit an existing PCB Lib

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How to edit any existing PCB Lib (a.k.a. footprint or package) from the EasyEDA library.

1) To edit an existing PCB Lib (footprint/package) first, find it using the SHIFT+F search then left-click on the desired PCB footprint in the list that appears to select it and to check the preview.

2) Next, right-click on it and click on Clone (or click on More > Clone).

enter image description here

3) Rename the copy:

enter image description here

4) Then click OK to save it.

5) Find the renamed copy using the SHIFT+F search then left-click on it in the list to select it.

enter image description here

6) Next, click on Edit.

The PCB Lib will open the footprint in the PCB Libs editor:

enter image description here

7) Make whatever changes required then Save it.

8) Then go to:

Document > EasyEDA Source...

to open the EasyEDA Source Editor window and edit a new name for the contributor and enter the new package name between the double quotes (" ") in the fields outlined in red:

enter image description here

Do not change anything else!

enter image description here

9) Click Apply and note the changes to the Contributor and Package fields:

enter image description here

  • If you have made a mistake and the edited PCB Lib is incorrect then DO NOT SAVE IT but go back to step 5 and proceed from there.

If the edited PCB Lib is correct then Save the edited PCB Lib.

10) Find the renamed copy again using the SHIFT+F search then left-click on it in the list to select it.

11) Wait a second or so and then right-click on it and select Modify

The edited footprint will appear to the creator in My Parts:

enter image description here

It can also be found by everyone using the SHIFT+F search under User Contributions but for anyone but the creator to use it, they must first left-click to select it and see the preview and then right-click on it and click Add Favorite:

enter image description here






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rexlcd Reply

Hi! When I try to save, it gives "Permission denied". Any solution?

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