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LM35 temperature sensor demo

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Demonstrating the in-house LM35EE model of the TI LM35 Precision Centigrade Temperature Sensors

Product page:


Developed for EasyEDA by 170308

This is a behavioural model developed from the device datasheet:

The model does not use the spice 'TEMP' simulation variable.

Instead it uses a 4th pin to represent the temperature input as a voltage scaled to

1degC/V. i.e. a 100V input represents a temperature of 100degC.

This input allows the device to simulate device behaviour in a dynamic temperature environment.

The temperature input should be driven by a voltage source referred to ground.

This input has an input resistance of 1G and can be left open circuit and the device will revert to operating at a fixed 25 degC.

Adding an external filter between the temperature voltage source and the TEMP pin can be used to model the thermal response of the device package and mounting.

By using a voltage source with a voltage defined by the spice 'TEMP' simulation variable, the model can be used in the more conventional way of using this variable to define the temperature of the device and/or the overall simulation temperature.

Temperature dependence of the quiescent supply current is modelled but supply voltage dependence is not.

Device stability with a capacitive load is also not modelled.


LM35 temperature sensor demo


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity
1 PULSE(-25 70 50m 100m 100m 200m) V_TEMPERATURE_IN 2P-5.0 1
2 24 VCC 2P-5.0 1
3 LM35EE U1 ? 1
4 1 VEE 2P-5.0 1
5 1k RLOAD AXIAL-0.3 1
6 20k RTHERMAL AXIAL-0.3 1
7 1u CTHERMAL RAD-0.1 1


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