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The Diode Equation

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Demonstrating the diode equation using a SPICE B behavioural current source.

This is the equation that relates current through a diode to the voltage across it:

Id = Is(exp(qV/(nkT))-1)


Id is the diode current,
Is is the reverse bias saturation current,
q is the magnitude of charge on an electron. 
V is the voltage across the diode,
k is the Boltzmann constant, 
T is the absolute temperature of the diode junction (in degrees Kelvin)
n is the ideality factor, also known as the quality factor or sometimes emission 
coefficient. The ideality factor n varies from 1 to 2 depending on the 
fabrication process and semiconductor material and is often assumed to be 
approximately equal to 1 (hence the notation n is omitted). 

The plot shows the current through the diode vs. the voltage across it.

Imported from LTspiceIV.




ID Name Designator Quantity
1 I=IS*(EXP(Q*V(K,A)/(N*K*T)) -1) BDIODE1 1
2 1 R1,V1 2


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