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These are some notes to help you create successful PCB projects and also have fun on the way.

1) To save a lot of pain and confusion later, please take the time to read the EasyEDA Tutorial:


  • This will help you to learn to drive EasyEDA.

2) and then before you start your Circuit Design please read:




(I am in the process of writing this detailed tutorial on how to create a schematic and then do a PCB design. It is a work-in-progress and will eventually make it onto the EasyEDA site but it is useful as it is right now and you can see the current draft at the above url.)

  • This will help you understand what you need to do to create a schematic and a PCB in EasyEDA with the minimum effort and the maximum chance of a successful outcome and why.

3) If you wish to Simulate your design then you must also read:


4) Then before you start doing your Schematic Capture, please take the time to read:


  • This will help you complete and check all the necessary steps to prepare a schematic that will successfully convert into a PCB.

5) Do your schematic capture and then before you click on the Convert Project to PCB... button in the schematic editor to start your PCB Design please re-read the above link.

6) Do your PCB Design and then before you click on the Fabrication Output... button in the PCB editor and submit your PCB Order please read:


  • This will help you complete and check all the necessary steps to prepare a PCB Design that will successfully convert into a PCB that is physically and electrically correct to the Schematic.

Note that none of these steps can help you design a circuit in the first place but if you start with a circuit design that works, they will significantly increase the chances that it will work when it is built on the PCB you have designed in EasyEDA.



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