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WS2812b 5 - Chip Board

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This design has not yet been built and tested Cascade-able 5 Chip Neopixel board suitable for decorative lamps especially using the ESPEasy NeoFlame plugin.
Should work well with any Neopixel application that is suitable for groups of five LEDs. This board is for individual WS2812b LED chips. Not the ones pre-mounted on a heat sink pcb with resistor and capacitor already installed. Provisions are made for a large i.e 1000uF 10v Filter capacitor. Individual 0.1uF decoupling capacitors in 1206 SMD Size. Board uses a 1N4148 or similar SMD Diode to drop the supply voltage to the first WS2812 to about +4.7V. This will allow the board to be driven from 3.3V GPIO and still use a +5V Power Supply for the LEDs. Only the first chip requires the voltage drop, the cascaded chips will all be a +5V input logic leve.





ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity Mounted
1 48946450ca5d49509a2d35b852829461 LED1,LED2,LED3,LED4,LED5 LED-5050_4P 5 Yes C114585
2 050210eb44fb24b0f1f7d73e6372031b P5,P6 HDR-1X1/2.54 2 Yes C81276
3 050210eb44fb24b0f1f7d73e6372031b P4,P1 HDR-1X1/2.54 2 Yes C81276
4 050210eb44fb24b0f1f7d73e6372031b P2 HDR-1X1/2.54 1 Yes C81276
5 050210eb44fb24b0f1f7d73e6372031b P3 HDR-1X1/2.54 1 Yes C81276
6 405ed928b9c94cfdacbedea6941671cf C1 CAP-D4.0XF1.5 1 Yes
7 badfe1ffbb3f468da523108824f0b5de C2,C3,C4,C5,C6 1206 5 Yes
8 1f840c1ab0fc8dd5c06f5170f6febdd2 D1 DO-35 1 Yes C54037


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