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Adafruit CAN FeatherWing

3 years ago 4628
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Breakout board for ADAFRUIT Feather based on MCP2515 CAN controller with an 3.3V CAN transceiver. This board also connects the various interrupt lines to the Feather to allow for better communication performance especially at higher CAN bus bitrates at the tradeoff that a couple of IO pins are occupied by the CAN FeatherWing. I added 0R resistor bridges into each interrupt line. So if interrupt controlled access is not wanted remove the 0R resistors. Feedback welcome! Final Prototype


Adafruit CAN FeatherWing

Adafruit CAN FeatherWing


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity Manufacturer Part Manufacturer Supplier Supplier Part Price LCSC Assembly Mounted SeeedStudio Comment Digi-Key Jauch
1 HEADER-1X12 JP1 HDR1X12 1 SeeedStudio 320020034 Do not assemble
2 HEADER-1X16 JP2 HDR1X16 1 SeeedStudio 320020034 Do not assemble
3 100n C2,C10 C0402 2 SeeedStudio 302010024
4 10uF C6 C0402 1 SeeedStudio 302010053
6 MCP2515T-I/SO U1 SOIC-18 1 MCP2515T-I/SO SeeedStudio 310070025
7 22p C1,C3 C0402 2 CC0402JRNPO9BN220 SeeedStudio 302010018
8 4k7 R1,R4,R5,R6,R7 R0402 5 RC0402JR-074K7L SeeedStudio 301010010
9 SN65HVD231D U2 SOIC-8 1 SN65HVD231D Digi-Key 296-12206-5-ND
10 100n C4,C5,C7 C0402 3 CC0402KRX7R8BB104 SeeedStudio 302010024
11 SIP3 CAN_OUT HDR1X3 1 P125-1103A0BR138A1 SeeedStudio 320020061 Do not assemble
12 120R R3 R1206 1 RC1206JR-07120RL Digi-Key 311-120ERCT-ND
13 SIP2 CAN_TERM HDR1X2 1 P125-1102A0BS116A1 SeeedStudio 320020016 Do not assemble!
14 0R R9,R10,R11,R12,R8,R13,R14 R0402 7 RC0402JR-070RL SeeedStudio 301010000
15 22R R15,R16,R17 R0402 3 RC0402FR-0722RL SeeedStudio 301010052
16 49R9 R18 R0402 1 RC0402FR-0749R9L SeeedStudio 301010041
17 1M R19 R0402 1 RC0402FR-071ML SeeedStudio 301010043
18 16MHz X1 X4-SMD-3.2X2.5X0.7MM 1 Q 16,0-JXS22-10-10/10-LF Q 16,0-JXS22-10-10/10-LF
19 MBR0520LT D1 SOD123 1 MBR0520LT1G SeeedStudio 304020028


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Comments (3)

Tim Lynch Reply

Any example code?

Tony Pitman Reply

What is the FeatherWing MS1 in the BOM?

GRiggall Reply

Hi there,

Did this board work ok?
I've been unable to find a crystal with a pinout that matches the footprint on the board. Even the crystal listed on the BOM has pins in a different order..

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