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Quadro V8

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The aim of the project is the creation of a board that can control up to 8 light bulbs (using the buttons installed at home) and have 8 relays available to control various loads, in general the board consists of;

1)Voltage regulator module via LM1085 2)External Display Connector 3)Display backlight driving circuit 4)Lights management 5Automation Management I2C amplifier circuit Section ESP32 H2O sensor East_I2c PZEM energy meter Buzzer External conn PIR I2C address RtC AHT10 sensor DHT22 sensor Alarm in progress Cycle Led -----in detail-----

Block 1: From connector U5 there is a 12V or 5V power supply (coming from a stabilized power supply) connector H1 will position itself according to the input voltage Block 2: An external display is provided, the ILI9354ddd or the 956as13d and the brightness of this display is controlled by block 3. Block 4: Here are the 8 relays that will drive the house lights, the reference voltage is 220V, for an absorption that does not exceed 50 ~ 70 Watts The CNY1 and CNY2 opto isolators isolate the voltage coming from the contact of the buttons connected between CP1 and CP2 ~ CP5, from the board, then through the output signal from the opto isolators the MCP23017 is piloted which in turn activates the ULN2804A door. which in cascade activates the connected relays. Block 5: Here are the 8 relays that will drive the loads connected to them, the reference voltage is 220V, for an absorption that does not exceed 1,000 Watts The operation is similar to block 4, but in this case the relays will not be activated by the buttons but by code from the ESP32 Block 6: It is a circuit to amplify the I2C signal (which was created to be used over very short distances, in the order of Centimeters) and thus be able to reach greater distances (I have successfully tested it up to 30 meters), this circuit and identical for both the transmitting and the receiving part, therefore this module can be both RX and TX. Block 7: Here the heart of the system, an ESP32 is powered through the 5V on the Vin pin, it also integrates the WiFi the simplest method to program it is with Arduino IDE. Block 8: Connection with the DS18B20 sensor I wrote H2O because I connect it to the hot water production system and activate / deactivate the boiler Block 9: External connection for the I2C bus Block 10: Connection with PZEM-004T sensor Block 11: Connection with an external buzzer, for any use Block 12: Connection with two spare IO pins, for any use: Block 13: Connection to a proximity sensor, for the automatic management of the switching on of a light bulb or other uses, always with presence detection Block 14: Jumper to set the addresses of the two MCP23017 Block 15: Connection with a DS3231 RTC, for storing and managing the time, previously read by an NTP server Block 16: Connection with sensorAHT10 (temperature) Block 17 Connection with sensorDHT22 (temperature and humidity) Block 18: My dedicated use, I take the output of the 12V alarm siren in my home and with that I close the relay contacts and activate an alarm on my mobile phone Block 19: To monitor the activity of the ESP32, connected with an external LED, it flashes according to the cycle speed.


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PCB_Quadro V3_3 copy copy


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity
1 100nF C1,C2,C3,C4,C5,C6,C7,C8,C11,C13,C17,C18,C19,C22,C23,C24,C25,C26,C27,C28 C0805 20
2 135pF C9,C10 C0805 2
3 10nF C12 CAP-D5.0×F2.0 1
4 10uf C14 CAP-D5.0×F2.0 1
5 22nF C15 CAP-D5.0×F2.0 1
6 100uf C16 CAP-D5.0×F2.0 1
7 100nf C20,C21 C0805 2
8 Conn-Luci CL1,CL2,CL3,CL4 CONN-TH_JL128-50802G01 4
9 5Va CL5 CONN-TH_JL128-50802G01 1
10 Conn-Auto CL6,CL9,CL10,CL11 CONN-TH_JL128-50802G01 4
11 AC-IN CLIN1 CONN-TH_JL128-50802G01 1
12 CNY74-4H CNY1,CNY2 DIP-16_L20.0-W6.4-P2.54-LS7.6-BL 2
13 RTC DS3231 CONECTOR1 RTC DS3231 1
14 +Pulsanti CP1 CONN-TH_JL128-50802G01 1
15 Conn_Puls CP2,CP3,CP4,CP5 CONN-TH_JL128-50802G01 4
16 ZMM5V1 D2,D10,D11,D12 LL-34_L3.5-W1.5-RD 4
17 M7-IN4007 D1,D3,D4,D5,D6,D7,D8,D9,D13,D14,D15,D16,D17,D18,D19,D20,D21,D22,D23,D24,D25 SMA_L4.4-W2.8-LS5.4-RD 21
18 U12 EXT-ALL CONN-TH_JL128-50802G01 1
19 12V 5V H1 HDR-TH_3P-P2.54-V 1
20 5vL H2 HDR-TH_2P-P2.54-V 1
21 power H3,H4 HDR-TH_2P-P2.54-V 2
22 Header-Male-2.54_1x4 H5 HDR-TH_4P-P2.54-V 1
23 Header-Female-2.54_1x5 H6 HDR-TH_5P-P2.54-V 1
24 Connettor AHT10 H7 HDR-TH_4P-P2.54-V 1
25 S_DHT22 H8 HDR-TH_3P-P2.54-V 1
26 PIR H9 HDR-TH_2P-P2.54-V 1
27 Buzzer H10 HDR-TH_2P-P2.54-V 1
28 Led Ciclo H12 HDR-TH_2P-P2.54-V 1
29 est_I2c H13 HDR-TH_2P-P2.54-V 1
30 INPUT MCP2 J1 HDR-TH_8P-P2.54-V 1
31 Conn_MicroSd J2 HDR-M-2.54_1X6 1
32 Conn_Display_1 J3 HDR-M-2.54_1X7 1
33 Conn_Display_2 J4 HDR-M-2.54_1X7 1
34 Select Jumper 3x3 J5,J7 SELECT_JUMPER_3X3_PTH 2
35 led Green LED1,LED2,LED3,LED4,LED5,LED6,LED7,LED8,LED9,LED10,LED11,LED12,LED13,LED14,LED15,LED16,LED22 LED1206-RD 17
36 act_sda1 LED50 LED1206-RD 1
37 act_scl2 LED51 LED1206-RD 1
38 Header-Male-2.54_2x4 P1 HDR-TH_8P-P2.54-V-M-R2-C4-S2.54 1
39 2n3904 Q3,Q4 SOT-23-3_L2.9-W1.3-P1.90-LS2.4-TR 2
40 BC807 Q20,Q21 SOT-23-3_L2.9-W1.3-P1.90-LS2.4-BR 2
41 330 R2,R13,R14 R1206 3
42 6.8K R6,R15 R1206 2
43 4k7 R8 R1206 1
44 1K R7,R9,R10,R16,R17 R1206 5
45 4,7K R11 R1206 1
46 10K R3,R4,R12,R30 R1206 4
47 470K ??? R18,R19 R1206 2
48 22K R21 R1206 1
49 4.7K R1,R5,R22 R1206 3
50 Rly Allarme RELAY1 RELAY-TH_G5V-1 1
52 10K//470 RN1 RES-ARRAY-TH_9P-P2.54-D1.0 1
53 1k RN2 RES-ARRAY-TH_9P-P2.54-D1.0 1
54 10K RN3 RES-ARRAY-TH_9P-P2.54-D1.0 1
55 1K RN4 RES-ARRAY-TH_9P-P2.54-D1.0 1
56 LM1085T-5.0 U1 TO-220-3_L10.0-W4.5-P2.54-L 1
57 ESP32 DEVKIT V1 U2 ESP32 V4 1
58 Entrata 12V U5 CONN-TH_JL128-50802G01 1
59 Conn-Auto U3,U4,U6,U7 CONN-TH_3P-P5.08_JL127-50803G01 4
60 SensH2o U8 CONN-TH_3P-P5.08_JL127-50803G01 1
61 MCP23017-E/SP U9,U10 DIP-28_L35.0-W6.5-P2.54-LS7.6-BL 2
62 P82B715P U16 DIP-8_L10.3-W7.5-P1.27-LS10.3-BL 1
63 Uscita I2C-1 U21 CONN-TH_JL128-50802G01 1
64 JL128-50802G01 U23 CONN-TH_JL128-50802G01 1
65 ULN2804A ULN1,ULN2 DIP-18_L23.0-W6.5-P2.54-LS7.6-BL 2




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