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multi input video (for 3d) RSSI tracked diversity controller with DVR recording and hysteresis

2 years ago 336
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Multi input video (for 3D viewing), RSSI tracked (servo controlled antenna tracker to be added later [I might also make it GPS tracked through telemetry recieved]), diversity controller (and by diverisity I mean quinversity or quadversity) with DVR recording. I hope.

It should have 1 omin directional ant. with high(ish) gain right and left ant. and a center very high gain ant.

I want to add DVR (digital video recording) using my solid state drives, but I have't figured that encoding out, yet.

Yeah, this is going to take some work.


Logical Diagram

4066 diversity 2 chips


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity Mounted
1 5b235701d39c494daf8856dc24b37645 U2,U3,U4,U5,U6,U9 ANTENNA-CHIP2 6 Yes
2 2093584225744d4291aa9e2db4f11817 RX_OMNI,RX_LEFT,RX_CENTER,RX_RIGHT,LX_OMNI,LX_CENTER RX5808 6 Yes
3 405604a6b30a4f90b8eaa0fd336d2626 U8 DIP-14 1 Yes
4 3a73aaeb8b784730a87f3529beb4815a U1 ARDUINO MINI PRO 328 1 Yes
5 27c9f622f39c411e800fed5d35ae5980 U7 NONE 1 Yes
6 0a6802409bf047d8b20b12e6d4292060 U10 NONE 1 Yes
7 acbebcd3bfb04f55b137bb666c874485 U11 NONE 1 Yes
8 9fd8b9a81647744a3f75ad4f3e33284c J1 AUDIO-PJ320 1 Yes
9 7481eedb966243b99df4b2db811195a7 P2 MPU-9250X 1 Yes
10 994f4acf33ff4e66aaa5dbbeb5e3fa4f C3,C1 RAD-0.1 2 Yes
11 bb0ddd9e1a594d2e927d7428aec407d2 R1 AXIAL-1.2 1 Yes
12 bb0ddd9e1a594d2e927d7428aec407d2 R2,R3 AXIAL-1.2 2 Yes
13 72def331807a4cc28f0a9d1895a44271 SW2,SW3 DSWB03LHGET 2 Yes
14 bb0ddd9e1a594d2e927d7428aec407d2 R4,R5,R6,R7 AXIAL-1.2 4 Yes
15 5da1dad5822b4c43a3b8163ac0cb6f92 P6 DIP14 1 Yes
16 5da1dad5822b4c43a3b8163ac0cb6f92 P1 DIP14 1 Yes




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