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Arduino Nano 4x Charger Discharger V1.11

1 year ago 2233
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Arduino 4x 18650 Smart Charger / Discharger


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity
1 DS18B20+ U1,U2,U3,U4,U5,U13 TO-92(TO-92-3) 6
2 4.7k R9 AXIAL-0.4 1
3 LCD 16x2 I2C P10 I2C LCD 16X2 - MOUNT HOLES 1
4 5.5 x 2.1mm VIN POWER DC 5.5 X 2.1 MM 1
5 4.7k R50 R0603 1
6 ESP8266 ESP-01 Adapter for Arduino U11 ESP8266_ESP-01_ADAPTER_FOR_ARDUINO_RIGHT_ANGLE_HEADER 1
7 Nano V3 U6 ARDUINO NANO V3 1
8 CD74HC4067 P1 CD74HC4067 1
9 74HC595N U8 DIP16 1
10 N-CH Q2,Q3,Q1,Q4,Q17,Q18,Q25,Q26 TO-220AB 8
11 Load_Resistor PR1,PR2,PR3,PR4 WJ2EDGVC-5.08-2P 4
12 10k R2,R16,R28,R40 AXIAL-0.4 4
13 Load_Resistor P2,P3,P4,P5 HDR-1X2/2.54 4
14 10k R6,R19,R31,R43,R54,R8 R0603 6
15 N-CH Q5,Q6,Q11,Q12,Q19,Q20,Q27,Q28 SEEED-SOT-23 8
16 TP5100_1 U7 TP5100 MODULE CHRG STDBY 1
17 P-CH Q7,Q13,Q21,Q29 TO-220AB(TO-220-3) 4
18 NPN Q8,Q14,Q22,Q30 TO-92(TO-92-3) 4
19 1K R12,R14,R24,R26,R36,R38,R48,R51,R3 R0603 9
20 1K R13,R15,R25,R27,R37,R39,R49,R52,R5 AXIAL-0.4 9
21 Tactile Momentary 6MM SW1 TACTILE MOMENTARY 6MM TH 1
22 10K R1,R53,R7 AXIAL-0.4 3
23 10K R4 R0603 1
24 18650X4 H1 18650X4 1
25 TP5100_2 U9 TP5100 MODULE CHRG STDBY 1
26 TP5100_3 U10 TP5100 MODULE CHRG STDBY 1
27 TP5100_4 U12 TP5100 MODULE CHRG STDBY 1
28 10uF C2 CAP-D3.0XF1.5 1
29 10uF C3 0603 1
30 D13 P6 HDR-1X1/2.54 1
31 A3 P8 HDR-1X1/2.54 1
32 A6 P9 HDR-1X1/2.54 1
33 A7 P11 HDR-1X1/2.54 1
35 AO3401 Q9,Q15,Q23,Q31 SOT-23(SOT-23-3) 4
36 BC847 Q10,Q16,Q24,Q32 SOT-23(SOT-23-3) 4
37 D2 P13 HDR-1X1/2.54 1
38 RXD P14 HDR-1X1/2.54 1
39 TXD P15 HDR-1X1/2.54 1
40 RX P16 HDR-1X1/2.54 1
41 TX P17 HDR-1X1/2.54 1
42 5V P18 HDR-1X1/2.54 1
43 GND P19 HDR-1X1/2.54 1
44 BD139 Q33 TO-126 1
45 100uF C1 CAP-D5.0XF2.0 1
47 1N4148WT D6,D1 SOD-523 2
48 1N4007 D7,D5 DO-41 2
49 D3 P12 HDR-1X1/2.54 1




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brettwatty Reply

ComponentQuantityAliExpress LinkeBay Link
Arduino Nano 3.0 ATmega328P1AliExpresseBay
ESP8266 Arduino Adaptor1AliExpresseBay
ESP8266 ESP-011AliExpresseBay
LCD 1602 16x2 Serial1AliExpresseBay
Battery Holder 4 x 186501AliExpresseBay
TP5100 Module4AliExpresseBay
CD74HC4067 Module1AliExpresseBay
74HC595N DIP161AliExpresseBay
DIP16 Socket1AliExpresseBay
Temp Sensor DS18B205AliExpresseBay
Tactile Switch 6MM1AliExpresseBay
Connector KF301-2P 5.08mm4AliExpresseBay
DC Jack 5.5 x 2.1mm1AliExpresseBay
Resistor Carbon Film 3.3ohm 5W4AliExpresseBay
Conical Rubber Feet 14x8mm (non 3D print case)8AliExpresseBay
Insulating Washers 3x7x0.8mm16AliExpresseBay
M3 x 12mm Flat Head Stainless Steel 304 Hex Socket Screw20AliExpresseBay
M3 304 Stainless Steel 304 Hex Nuts4AliExpresseBay
M3 Standoff 18mm Brass F-F4AliExpresseBay
M3 Standoff 35mm brass F-F (non 3D print case)4AliExpresseBay
Header Female 2.54mm 1x41AliExpresseBay
Headers Male 2.54mm 1x40 Pin1AliExpresseBay
Header Female Right Angle 2.54mm 1x41AliExpresseBay
USB to ESP8266 ESP-01 Programmer1AliExpresseBay
Fan 80MM x 80MM x 15MM 12V1AliExpresseBay
BD139 NPN Transistor1AliExpresseBay
100uF 16V Electrolytic Capacitor 5x11mm1AliExpresseBay
JST 2.0 PH 2pin M-F1AliExpresseBay
5V Active Buzzer1AliExpresseBay

THT Components (either SMD or THT only you can't use both)

ComponentQuantityAliExpress LinkeBay Link
10k – 1/4w Resistor THT7AliExpresseBay
4.7k – 1/4w Resistor THT1AliExpresseBay
1k – 1/4w Resistor THT8AliExpresseBay
P-Channel MOSFET FQP27P06 TO-2204AliExpresseBay
N-Channel MOSFET IRLZ44N TO-2208AliExpresseBay
NPN Transistor BC547 TO-924AliExpresseBay
Diode IN40072AliExpresseBay

SMD Components (either SMD or THT only you can't use both)

ComponentQuantityAliExpress LinkeBay Link
10k – 1/8w Resistor SMD 06037AliExpresseBay
4.7k – 1/8w Resistor SMD 06031AliExpresseBay
1k – 1/8w Resistor SMD 06038AliExpresseBay
N-Channel Mosfet IRLML2502TRPBF8AliExpresseBay
P-Channel Mosfet AO3407 SOT-234AliExpresseBay
NPN Transistor SOT23 BC8474AliExpresseBay
Diode 1N4148 06032AliExpresseBay


ComponentAliExpress LinkeBay Link
Solder Wire 60/40 0.7mmAliExpresseBay
Diagonal PliersAliExpresseBay
A3 PVC Cutting MatAliExpresseBay
Youyue 8586 SMD Soldering Rework StationAliExpresseBay
UNI-T UT39A Digital MultimeterAliExpresseBay
Wire StrippersAliExpresseBay
Barcode ScannerAliExpresseBay
Barcode PrinterAliExpresseBay
Barcode Labels 30mm x 20mm x700AliExpresseBay
MECHANIC Solder PasteAliExpresseBay
Anti-Static TweezersAliExpresseBay
Third Hand Soldering StandAliExpresseBay
AMTECH NC-559-ASM No-Clean Solder FluxAliExpresseBay
Solder WickAliExpresseBay
Precision Magnetic Screwdriver SetAliExpresseBay
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