PIC Based IR Remote Controlled Home Automation

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In this project, we are going to use a PIC microcontroller to remotely control few AC loads by just using an IR remote. At the end of this project you will be able to toggle (ON/OFF) any AC load using an ordinary Remote from the comfort of your Chair/Bed. To make this project more interesting we have also enabled a feature to control the speed of the fan with the help of Triac. All these can be done with simple clicks on your IR remote. You can use any of your TV/DVD/MP3 remote for this project. The different IR signals from the remote are received by the microcontroller which then controls the respective relays via a relay driver circuit. These relays are used to connect and disconnect the AC Loads (Lights/Fan).

You can find the complete project with detailed instructions on circuit digest.


Home Automation



ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity Manufacturer Part Manufacturer Supplier Supplier Part Price LCSC Assembly Mounted SeeedStudio LCSC
1 PIC18F2520-ESP U1 DIP28-300 1
2 -L7805 U2 L7805 1
3 1k R2,R11,R12,R13,R14,R10 R1206 6 RC1206FR-071RL SeeedStudio 301010433
4 19-217-R6C-AL1M2VY-3T D2 Seeed-LED-0603 1 19-217-R6C-AL1M2VY-3T SeeedStudio 304090042
5 100 R3,R4,R5,R6,R7,R8,R9,R16,R20,R21,R22,R23 R1206 12 RC1206FR-071RL SeeedStudio 301010433
6 5V1 D3 SOD123 1
8 1000u C2 CP_8X13MM 1
9 10k R15,R17 R1206 2 RC1206FR-071RL SeeedStudio 301010433
10 20MHz Y1 HC49U-V 1
11 33pf C3,C4 C805 2
12 100n C5 C1 1
13 con1 J1 M1X5 1
14 con2 J2 M1X5 1
15 1k R1,R18 AXIAL-0.3 2
16 BC547 Q3,Q1,Q2,Q4 TO-92(TO-92-3) 4 2N3904 CJ LCSC C2081
17 1N4007 D5,D8,D7,D9,D10,D11,D12,D1,D4,D6 DO-35 10 1N4148 ST LCSC C14516
18 Transformer J7 TERMINAL_BLOCK_3P_5 1
19 4N35 Q5 DIP6-2.54-7.3X6.5MM 1 4N35 SeeedStudio 306040009
20 moc3021 Q6 DIP6-2.54-7.3X6.5MM 1 4N35 SeeedStudio 306040009
21 BT136 U7 L7805 1
22 Source J6 H2-5.0-10.5X8.0MM 1 GS009S-2P-2 SeeedStudio 320110006
23 fan J9 H2-5.0-10.5X8.0MM 1 GS009S-2P-2 SeeedStudio 320110006
24 100 R19(47) AXIAL-0.8 1 MFR0W4D100JA50 UniOhm LCSC C68867
25 10nF C7 RAD-0.2 1 104/100V 20% EasyEDA LCSC C26856
26 TSOP1738 U8 TSOP17XX 1
27 bluetooth J11 M1X6 1
28 r LED1,LED2,LED3,LED4,LED5 LED-3MM/2.54 5 204-10UYC/S530-A3 EVERLIGHT LCSC C73643
29 load1 J8 H2-5.0-10.5X8.0MM 1 GS009S-2P-2 SeeedStudio 320110006
30 -L7812 U9 L7805 1
31 10u C6 CP_8X13MM 1
32 NO K1,K2,K3,K4 REY6-15.4X10.4X11.3MM 4 SeeedStudio 315030001
33 load2 J3 H2-5.0-10.5X8.0MM 1 GS009S-2P-2 SeeedStudio 320110006
34 load3 J4 H2-5.0-10.5X8.0MM 1 GS009S-2P-2 SeeedStudio 320110006
35 load4 J5 H2-5.0-10.5X8.0MM 1 GS009S-2P-2 SeeedStudio 320110006
36 Prog J10 M1X6 1
37 2N3904 Q1 TO-92(TO-92-3) 1 2N3904 CJ LCSC C2081


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