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In this project, we are going to build a Digital Voltmeter without using any microcontroller. Here we are using a very popular IC for voltage measurement namely ICL7107/CS7107. ICL7107 is a 3.5 digit analog to digital converter (ADC) which consumes very low power. The IC has internal circuit for driving four seven segment display to display the measured voltage. It also has a clock circuit and a reference voltage source.

For detailed instructions to DIY this Voltmeter circuit and PCB design, click here.





ID Value Qty. Package Components
1 ICL7107CPL1 U1 DIP40 1
2 Seven Segment Display J1J9,J1J10,J1J11,J1J8 NONE 4
3 120K R1 AXIAL-0.4 1
4 100pF C1 RAD-0.2 1 C26856
5 100nF C2,C5,C7 RAD-0.2 3 C26856
6 5k PR1 RES-ADJ_EVN6X6 1 C5018
7 22K R2 AXIAL-0.4 1
8 47K R3 AXIAL-0.4 1
9 47nF C3 RAD-0.2 1 C26856
10 220nF C4 RAD-0.2 1 C26856
11 10K R4 AXIAL-0.4 1
12 1M R5 AXIAL-0.4 1
13 Probe J1 M1X2 1
14 Probe(optional) J2 H2-5.0-10.5X8.0MM 1 320110006
15 1k R6,R7,R8,R9 AXIAL-0.3 4
16 555 Timer U2 DIL08 1
17 1N4148 D1,D2 DO-35 2
18 -L7805 U3 L7805 1
19 10uF C6,C CAP-D5.0XF2.0 2 C19576
20 1K R10 AXIAL-0.4 1
21 -LED U4 LED5 1


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