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8*8*8 LED cube controller

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    This is par of a (RGB) led cube 8x8x8 controler.

    It's a catode/anode led controller/driver that if it is ment to be used in RGB LED cude configuration, just stacks on top of each other three times in a tower. It's designed to use M3 spacers, very cheaply available on ebay.

    It uses 74hc495, and you can configure on witch side(of a board: left/right) will be -serial input- and -serial output- with two jumpers (U17 - U22), basicly a blob of solder should work just fine. On the output of last 74hc495 on the board, there is a one AND gate as buffer.

    For output stage, it uses 74VHC541 3-stage non-inverting buffers to drive LEDs via 100/220ohm resistors.

    All the M3 holes positions markings are labeled in project itself.
    The pins are(from left to right) on both sides: GND-VCC-Latch(RCLK)-Clock(SRCLK)-Data(Serial) in/out --->(nice video about 74hc495(s) from -kevin darrah-)

    8 100uF tantalum with 2 100nF ceramic caps (are overkill) should provide very stable power source for LEDs and shift registers.
    Connectors from resistors to LEDs are 8 pin SMD 1.25mm spacing (

    **This project was inspired by** ""

Parts list:






ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity
1 74HC595A U1,U2,U3,U4,U5,U6,U7,U8 SOIC-16_150MIL 8
2 100 RN1,RN2,RN3,RN4,RN5,RN6,RN7,RN8,RN9,RN10,RN11,RN12,RN13,RN14,RN15,RN16 0603_X4 16
3 100nF C1,C2 0805 2
4 100uF C3,C4,C5,C7,C8,C9 CASE-B_3528 6
5 A1251WR-S-8P CN1,CN2,CN3,CN4,CN5,CN6,CN7,CN8 A1251WR-S-8P 8
6 N-ch MOSFET pack MP1,MP2,MP3,MP4,MP5,MP6,MP7,MP8 N-CH MOS PACK 8
7 selection pads SP1,SP2 SELECTION PADS 2
8 100 R1,R2 1206 2
9 2N7002 Q1,Q2 SOT-23(SOT-23-3) 2
10 pin P5,P6 PIN 2
11 clock(1) / latch(2) P7,P2 2PIN 2
12 power P1,P3 2PIN 2


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