ESP8266 Dimmer

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Dimmer based on ESP12-E (ESP8266). You can control it using phisical switches or push buttons or throw network. Arduino scketch will be available soon.


Esquema SMD

PCB Dimmer

PCB Dimmer manual routing


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity BOM_Manufacturer Part BOM_Manufacturer BOM_Supplier BOM_Supplier Part
1 BT137S-600E,118 Q1,Q2 TO-252-2(DPAK) 2 BT137S-600E,118 WeEn Semiconductors LCSC C114448
2 10KΩ R11 R0805 1 SDNT2012X103J3450HTF Sunlord LCSC C98548
3 47uF C3,C4 0805 2 CL21A476MQYNNNE SAMSUNG LCSC C16780
4 330 R1A,R3A,R8,R10 0805 4 RK73H2ATTD3300F KOA Speer Elec LCSC C276225
5 H11AA1SR2M U1 SMD-6_L8.6-W6.4-P2.54-LS9.4-BL 1 H11AA1SR2M ON Semicon LCSC C258253
6 MOC3022S-TA1 U2,U4 SMD-6_L7.3-W6.5-P2.54-LS10.16-BL 2 MOC3022S-TA1 LITEON LCSC C115468
7 10K R2,R4,R5,R1,R3,R9 0805 6 QR0805J10K0P05Z Ever Ohms Tech LCSC C149881
8 K2-1809SN-A4DW-06 SW1 KEY-SMD_4P-L6.5-W3.0-P1.50-LS4.6 1 K2-1809SN-A4DW-06 Korean Hroparts Elec LCSC C223823
9 WJ124-3.81-4P P1,P2 CONN-TH_4P-P3.81_KF124-3.81-4P 2 WJ124-3.81-4P ReliaPro LCSC C69809
10 39K R7,R13 2512 2 CRH2512F39R0E04Z Ever Ohms Tech LCSC C175263
11 CD4148WSP D2 D0805-RD 1 CD4148WSP SUP LCSC C53365
12 AIC1748-33GU3TR U3 SOT-23-3_L3.0-W1.7-P0.95-LS2.9-BR 1 AIC1748-33GU3TR Analog Integrations LCSC C238244
13 ESP-12E MK1 ESP-12E 1 ESP-12E Ai-Thinker LCSC C89297
14 A2005HWV-6P CN1 A2005HWV-6P 1 A2005HWV-6P Changjiang Connectors LCSC C225284
15 1nF C1 C0805 1 CL21B102KCANNNC SAMSUNG LCSC C15177


Filename Download
BOM_ESP8266 Dimmer_20191216124523.csv


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