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MC-5 Boost Pedal (for Bass)

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MC-5 is a variation of the Custome Audio Electronics (CAE) MC-401 Line Driver and named after a Detroit rock band. My version is adapted from schematic traced by ???(found on a Russian website). The orginal version was based upon 9Vdc oepration. This version uses a supply inverter to provide a bi-polar supply and increase the headroom and allow the output to reach a full +23db. The same could have been done by doubling the +9Vdc, but would have required more pcb real estate. This PCB should fit within a Hammond 1590A enclosure.

Changes from original MC-401 circuit.

  1. OPA2134A used instead of LF442. While any dual op amp can be used, the OPA2134 provides the same input and output impedances as the LF442. The OPA2134 available at Tayda electronics.

  2. The unused op amp is used as unity gain input buffer.

  3. As described above,+/- rail operation

  4. The High Pass Filter frequency was lowered a bit to allow the low B of 5 string bass frequencys.

Update 12.25.2018 - Built this on vero board after being annoyed with Easy EDA Online router constantly timing out and fitted into a Hammond 1590A.

01.02.2019 - originally designed around the OPA2134 op amp, notes were crisp and clear however there was an annoying high frequency oscillation produced that could be faintly heard with gain at full when a note was plucked. Swapped in a TL082 and sounds perfect!

# References: # Note: Datasheet specifies input impedance as 1k, other spec sheets at 1M





ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity Mounted
1 LT1054 U1 DIP-8 1 Yes C126965
2 10u C8,C1 CAP-5*11 2 Yes JRB1E100M02000500110000B
3 100k R13 ALPHA POT - HOLES ONLY1 1 Yes C125022
4 10k R18 AXIAL-0.4 1 Yes
5 1N5817 D1 DO-35 1 Yes C54037
6 2.2u C2 CAP-5*11 1 Yes JRB1E100M02000500110000B
7 1k R1 AXIAL-0.3 1 Yes
8 2.7n C3 RAD-0.1 1 Yes
9 2M R2,R3 AXIAL-0.3 2 Yes
10 3.9k R4 AXIAL-0.3 1 Yes
11 130k R5 AXIAL-0.3 1 Yes
12 150 R6 AXIAL-0.3 1 Yes
13 10uF C4 RAD-0.1 1 Yes
14 TL082 U2 DIP-8 1 Yes C75052




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