Are You a Candidate for Hair Transplant Surgery?

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One of the popular cosmetic procedures in recent times is deemed to be hair transplant. With a lot of people falling victim to hair loss, it is an effective procedure on all counts. In this regard the choice of a hair transplant surgeon assumes a lot of importance as his knowledge and skills has a say in the total outcome of the surgery. Have said so this is the last course of treatment that you should try when all other forms of treatment have failed to yield the desired results.

If you are suffering from regular hair loss, then some steps could be taken from your end. It does not have to be a permanent solution and you would need to discuss the specific causes of it. It can also be temporary in nature as they are some medical conditions or medications that could cause hair loss. The moment you do stop them the problem of hair loss evades. In such cases there is no need for any form of surgery. On the other hand if you have linked yourself to male baldness patterns or a genetic issue, there are still some points that you could consider.

Things to Consider

To start off you could do nothing. This is not to be laughed off. It is has to be assumed that hair replacement or hair transplant surgery of any time is considered to be an expensive affair. It is like a lottery and sometimes they might work and sometimes they not. They also prove out to be an unpleasant experience and side effects are also common. It all boils down to the fact whether you are a suitable candidate for the same.

Secondly becoming bald is a fashionable trend in modern days. People are shaving off their heads and the onus is on you whether you really want to consider it or not .The money and the effort that you are willing to spend on the surgery assumes a lot of importance as well. The worst part about this procedure is that it is an elective form of surgery as no insurance company is going to cover them.





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