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EasyEDA provides new PCB order system and DXF import Public

2 years ago  

Hi All,

Over the last 6 years, EasyEDA team have always been looking for new ways to make the lives of electronics engineers, students and hobbyists easier so now, we are pleased to announce some great upgrades for the new version of EasyEDA.

New PCB order system

Now, you can try the new PCB Order page via https://easyeda.com/order

EasyEDA not only supports ordering PCBs straight from the EasyEDA PCB Editor but we also support Gerber files from any other EDA tool. You can upload Altium, Kicad, Eagle, Diptrace, Pads, P-CAD etc. Gerber files to this link:

enter image description here

At the same time, we support up to 16 layer PCBs.

You lots more help on ordering PCBs from EasyEDA, please see https://easyeda.com/Doc/Tutorial/PCBOrderFAQ

Order stencils with your PCB

A Stencil can help you to solder the PCB quickly. For efficient and reliable SMT assembly a Stencil is a must.
EasyEDA can provide the option of NON-FRAMEWORK (or frameless) and FRAMEWORK stencils.
The right hand image below shows a frameless stencil. Frameless stencils are cheaper and lower weight(0.2Kg) so they can help to reduce the sh)ipping cost.

enter image description here

New features of EasyEDA editor

  1. No need to configure the canvas width and height: the canvas in all the editors no longer has any borders: it is now endless. making it easier to support very large and complex PCB designs.
  2. Faster response speed for canvas zoom in, zoom out and pan actions. This is a big feature upgrade for complex designs.
  3. New scrolling actions. The original right-click to move the canvas anywhere in the horizontal and vertical directions still works but the canvas scroll bars have been replaced by two new actions. Holding down the SHIFT key whilst using the scroll wheel function on your mouse will move (pan) the canvas in a horizontal direction. Holding down the CTRL key whilst using the scroll wheel function on your mouse will move (pan) the canvas in a vertical direction.

    EasyEDA has removed the scrollbar, maybe need some time to fit the new UI.
    Hotkey A Z to zoom in and zoom out
    Arrow key can help you to move the canvas, do use pan function to help you move the canvas quickly.

DXF import

The creation of irregular or complex board outlines just got easier in EasyEDA thanks to the new DXF import menu.

Sometimes when you are designing a PCB for an enclosure that may have a curved profile or some other unavoidable mechanical features that have to be accomodated, you need an easy way to create a suitable board outline. Creating a board outline as a DXF file in a 3rd party 2D CAD tool makes this easier but there was no way to import it into EasyEDA.

Until now!

You will find the *Import DXF menu under the File menu.

enter image description here

After selecting the *.DXF file, you will find a dialog as shown in the image below:

enter image description here

EasyEDA provides two option boxes: DXF unit: (mm or inch) and PCB layer: where you select which PCB layer that the imported drawing is to be applied to.

After clicking the Import button, you will find the DXF drawing placed on the selected layer of your PCB canvas.

enter image description here

Free Online Gerber Viewer

EasyEDA Gerber Viewer is a viewer for Gerber RS-274X files and Excellon drill files online.

Please try it out at https://gerber-viewer.easyeda.com/

enter image description here

If you would like to support EasyEDA team, you can order your PCBs from us and suggest some new features that you might like to see in future versions.

Thanks for using EasyEDA!

Audio amp1(import from LTSPICE)

Audio amp1(import from LTSPICE)


12SINE(0 .7 1K)1V3
18AC 11V4



Nice, this improvement is very useful, opens up a way for working with a lot of external programs.


Awesome work guy! Love the new features!


Wow, awesome


DXF Import the feature I've really been wanting!


Great option!
In my projects have complex configurations of structures, - now I can use these drawings to create PCB.
This is very effective.
Thanks you!


Great improvements! Nice work! (good job on the English used in this update too!)


Thanks All


Great work, thanks alot.


Stencils ! nice work !



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