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DIY soldering kit based on pixel art pikachu pal!

Here you could fine the complete project to make your own badge.

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It's a simple blinking LED circuit, just a couple of components , basically is an oscillator made of RC circuit. It run from a 3.0 volts cr2032 battery.

PCB details:

  • Black solder mask
  • ENIG finish
  • Thickness 1.0mm to 1.6mm ( 1 mm recommended for less weight)

PCB design contest 2020

I made this badge to practice how to solder smd parts and get a cool gadget to show.

To made this posible I used free EasyEDA designer tool from , it integrastes PCB fabrication with and source components from

so you will have :

  • Electronic capture / PCB LAY out / 3D modeling ( EasyEDA designer)
  • PCB Fabrication supplier ( )
  • Components supplier ( )





ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity BOM_Manufacturer Part BOM_Manufacturer BOM_Supplier BOM_Supplier Part Price
1 C70373 BT1 BAT-SMD_CR2032-3V 1 C70373 Q&J LCSC C70373 0.037
2 22uF C1,C2 C1206 2 CL31A226KAHNNNE SAMSUNG LCSC C12891 0.066
3 FC-3215HRK-620D LED1,LED2 LED1206-R-RD 2 FC-3215HRK-620D NATIONSTAR LCSC C84270 0.019
4 MMBT3904LT1G Q1,Q2 SOT-23-3_L2.9-W1.6-P1.90-LS2.8-BR 2 MMBT3904 CJ LCSC C20526 0.013
5 22 R1,R4 R1206 2 CR1206J40220G LIZ LCSC C102307 0.003
6 22K R2,R3 R1206 2 1206W4F2202T5E UniOhm LCSC C25830 0.004
7 K3-2235S-F1 SW1 SW-SMD_K3-2235S-F1 1 K3-2235S-F1 Rectangular Connectors - Contacts LCSC C223858 0.162


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