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Twitter Lights Ver 1.2

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This is a Raspberry Pi Shield. 12V DC to input. The board will power the Pi through the GPIO using a switch power supply based around the ACT4065A IC. The input 12V comes in through the DC "IN" barrel Jack. Then is turned on and off through the TIP120 NPN Transistor which is controlled through GPIO 4 on the Pi and outputs the barrel Jack labeled "OUT". There is also another TIP120 NPN transistor controlled by GPIO 17 on the Pi. This output is soldered on the board. There are also onboard 4 onboard LED's:

When 12V is connected properly When 5V is converted properly When GPIO 4 is HIGH and Transistor is working When GPIO 17 is HIGH and Transistor is working P1,P2 DC-005 5.5-2.0MM (Barrel plug) H1 2*20P 2.54mm (40 pin Header) Mount on bottom side of board R4 12K (805 package) R5 10K (805 package) R1 52.3K (805 pacage D1 SB240 (DIODE) C1 100uF (5x11 Cap) U1 ACT4065ASH-T R2 1KΩ (805 package) Q1 TIP120 (NPN Transistor) R3,R6,R7 560 (2010 package) L3 33uH (6020 package) C5 1.5nF (805 package) LED2,LED1,LED3 FC-3215UGK-520D (1206 package) C2 10nF(103) (1206 package) P2 DC-005 5.5-2.0MMLED OUTPUT C4 47uF (5x11 CAP) R8 1k (805 package) MOUNTED ON BACK image.png




Ver 1.3 Prototype


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity BOM_Supplier BOM_Manufacturer BOM_Manufacturer Part BOM_Supplier Part
1 DC-005 5.5-2.0MM P1 DC-005 1 LCSC BOOMELE DC-005 5.5-2.0MM C16214
2 2*20P 2.54mm H1 DIP-2.54MM-2X20P 1 LCSC Shenzhen Cankemeng - C169819
3 1KΩ R2,R1 0805 2 LCSC YAGEO RC0805JR-071KL C100046
4 560 R3,R4,R5 2010 3 LCSC UniOhm 2010W2J0561T4S C20438
5 FC-3215UGK-520D LED2,LED1,LED3 LED-1206 3 LCSC NATIONSTAR FC-3215UGK-520D C99881
6 DC-005 5.5-2.0MMLED OUTPUT P2 DC-005 1 LCSC BOOMELE DC-005 5.5-2.0MM C16214
7 LM2596R-5.0 U2 TO-263-5 1 LCSC HTC LM2596R-5.0 C77782
8 2STN1360 Q1,Q2 SOT-223 2 LCSC STMicroelectronics 2STN1360 C181221
9 680uF C1 CAP-8*11.5 1 LCSC Man Yue Tech Holdings ULR687M1CF1ARRX0CR C248458
10 220uF C2 CAP-D6.3XF2.5 1 LCSC Changzhou Huawei Elec PE1A221ME060A00CR0 C190897
11 SS53C D1 SMCF 1 LCSC LGE SS53C C330397
12 33uH L1 L12994 1 LCSC ShunXiang Connaught Elec SMSD0804-330MT C286357


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