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Demonstrating the EasyEDA TL081EE subcircuit model

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A couple of simulation examples showing the realistic behaviour of the in-house EasyEDA TL081EE subcircuit for the TL081 opamp.

This model includes approximate power supply rejection, dynamic power dissipation, output current limiting and realistic load transient behaviour.

The model can be tailored to represent a wide range of parts by editing a set of parameters that are based directly on, or can be inferred from, device datasheets.

The model offers realistic behaviour including quiescent as well as dynamic, load dependent supply current drains, short circuit protection, common mode and power supply rejection as well as the behaviour in terms of supply current drains if the inputs or output are pulled above or below rails and if the supply pins are reverse biased.

As described in the section on Application Hints on page 5 of in:

the output polarity may invert if the inputs exceed the lower input range or supply rail.

This is demonstrated in the x1 non-inverting amplifier example.


Simulation of an edited in-house opamp model

Simulation of a x2 inverting amplifier using the TL081EE subcircuit model

Simulation of a x1 non-inverting amplifier using the TL081EE subcircuit model


ID Name Designator Quantity
1 SIN(0 {Vinpk} 1k) AC 1 V1 1
2 {rail} VCC,VEE 2
3 {Rin} R1 1
4 {Rfb} R2 1
5 Ammeter A_VCC,A_VEE 2
6 {Voutpk/35m} R3 1
7 TL081EE_edited U1 1
8 TL081EE U1 1
9 1k R3 1




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