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Tesseract Guitar Practice Amp simulation files

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Simulations of - and a copy of the EasyEDA LM386EE spice model used in - each of the major stages used in the EasyEDA Tesseract DIY Guitar Practice Amplifier:

which includes a complete PCB design and Bill of Materials.

The EasyEDA "Tesseract" Guitar Practice Amplifier is an LM386 based low power amplifier designed to deliver up to about 500mW into an 8 Ohm speaker when run from a 9V battery. The design given here is highly flexible and allows the several options in both the build and use of the amplifier.

As well as a clipping circuit that some other designs - such as the more well known Smokey, Little Gem, Ruby and Noisy Cricket - have incorporated, Tesseract has several unique effects features designed into it:

  • Selectable Bipolar or Junction FET input stage for different input overload effects;

  • Adjustable gain and clipping 'hardness' in the Distortion stage;

  • An adjustable fullwave rectifier stage, driven by the distortion output, that generates a type of fuzz and frequency doubling effect called 'Wreckage';

  • An optional low frequency oscillator stage to sweep the Wreckage effect;

  • A simple mixer to blend the 'Wrecked' and the 'Distortion' outputs;

  • Selectable, adjustable low or high frequency boost (a type of tone control);

  • An important aspect of the design is that all the features and FX can be tweaked for your delight and delectation.

  • Most features are also optional and can be wire linked out if not required without affecting the other functions.

  • The design could easily be modified to suit the LM380 2.5W or LM384 5W amplifier chips (although the Boost function would have to be omitted) or a range of other devices.

  • The design also includes a headphone output jack.

  • The PCB includes dual footprinting to simplify the choice of some of the components.

To obtain a copy of the LM386 subckt model simply download a copy of the LM386EE.sub.txt attachment.

The model runs in ngspice (which is what EasyEDA uses anyway) and LTspice. It'll run in SIMetrix and probably run in PSpice.



Input buffer stage as BJT and as JFET

Distortion and gain stage

Fullwave rectifier stage

Power Amplifier stage


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity
1 QBC547B Q1,Q2,Q3,Q1,Q3,Q2,Q1,Q2,Q1 SOT23 9
2 51k R3,R4,R8,R9,R15,R17,R1,R3,R4,R2,R6 R3 11
3 10k R1,R6,R16,R5,R1,R2,R1,R2 R3 8
4 {Rval} R5,R10,R18 R3 3
5 1u C4,C2,C1,C8,C6,C5,C9,C10,C11,C12,C13,C15,C4,C7,C4,C1,C2,C1 CP_8X13MM 18
6 47n C3,C7,C14,C1,C6 1206 5
7 4.5 V1,V2,V2,V3,V1,V2,V1,V2 2P-5.0 8
8 SIN(0 6 1k 0 100) AC 1 0 VSIG 2P-5.0 1
9 1Meg R7,R11,R12,R2,R14,R19,R20,R21,R10,R7 R3 10
10 2.2Meg R13 R3 1
11 2N5457EE J2 MPF102 1
12 MPF102 J1 MPF102 1
13 2N5485EE J3 MPF102 1
14 8R RSPKR 1X02 1
15 22n C2 1206 1
16 220u C3 CP_8X13MM 1
17 47u C5,C8,C3,C1 CP_8X13MM 4
18 R='(1-state)*1G+1m' R4 R3 1
19 R='state*1G+1m' R3 R3 1
20 10R R2,R5 R3 2
21 SINE(0 4 1k 0m 500) AC 1 0 V1 2P-5.0 1
22 9 V2 2P-5.0 1
23 LM386EE U1 DIP 1
24 1k R6,R7 R3 2
25 TL081EE U1,U2,U2,U3,U1,U4,U1 DIP08 7
26 PULSE(-2 2 0 999u 1u 1f 1m) V1 2P-5.0 1
27 V=V(sig)*(1-exp(-1*time/10u)) B1 NONE 1
28 100p C2 1206 1
29 SINE(0.8 0.8 100 3m 0 -90) VLFO 2P-5.0 1
30 100k R6,R8,R9,R4,R3,R8,R5,R9,R1,R3 R3 10
31 1G R11 R3 1
32 QBC557B Q4 SOT23 1
33 SIN(0 4.5 1k 0 500) AC 1 0 VSIG 2P-5.0 1
34 10p C2 1206 1
35 1u C3 1206 1


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