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The EasyEDA LM319 spice models

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Demonstrating the LM319EE spice subcircuit model, developed for EasyEDA, and a modified ST subckt spice model of the LM119/LM219/LM319 open collector comparator with floating (uncommitted) output transistor emitter (output ground) connection.

Although LM319EE is a dedicated spice model for the LM319, it can easily be adapted to represent the LM119 and the LM219 devices, including any variations from the Fairchild, Linear Technology, ST and TI versions of the device.

Note that this subcircuit models only one comparator so two comparator symbols must be placed in a schematic to represent the whole physical LMx19 device.

A single dual comparator symbol has not yet been made.

To see more about the device models:

Super Menu > Miscellaneous > Netlist for Document > Spice A simple demonstration circuit showing the LM319 spice model.

LM319EE is a behavioural macromodel of the LM319, unique to EasyEDA. It is based on ST and TI datasheet parameters but can be adapted to the Fairchild part.

The LM319EE subckt models the gain and propagation delay of the device. It also models input bias current, quiescent current and input voltage range behaviour.

The device effectively shuts down for supply voltages below 2.5V and draws excessive supply currents for supply voltages above Vabsmax (36V) and reverse supply connections.

I/O pins are clamped to ground and supply rails to model overrail I/O pin behaviour.

Input differential and common mode voltage and output pin overvoltage behaviours are modelled.

The temperature dependencies of internal device parameters such as reference voltage drift and bias current are not modelled.

Noise is not modelled.

Note that the LM319EE model can easily be adapted to represent a wide range of 6 pin comparators such as the LM111, LT1011 and similar devices.

The LM319EE model is itself, a modified version of the EasyEDA generic 6 pin open collector / open emitter output comparator model, compOC6pEE.

For 5 pin open collector, open drain and push-pull (totem pole) output comparators please see the generic compOC5pEE, compOD5pEE and compPP5pEE models respectively.

The LMx19_6pST spice model is a modified version of the standard ST LMx19 model which incorrectly ties the output transistor emitter to the negative rail forcing the device to appear as a 5 pin comparator.

The LMx19_6pST subcircuit model correctly represents the open emitter connection of the LM119/LM219 and LM319 family of comparators.


LM319 spice model with separate ground pin

LM319EE spice model with separate ground pin


ID Name Designator Quantity
1 SIN({Vref} {Vinpk} 1k 0 0 90) AC 1 V1,V1 2
2 {Vcc} VCC,VCC 2
3 {Vee} VEE,VEE 2
4 {Rin} R1,R1 2
5 Ammeter A_VCC,A_VEE,A_VCC,A_VEE 4
6 {Rpullup} R2,R2 2
7 {Vref} V2,V2 2
8 LMx19_6pST U1 1
9 LM319EE U1 1




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