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Configuring AC Sources 02

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This simulation configures two voltage sources, V1 and V2.

V1 and V2 are configured using parameters.

V1 generates the same signals with amplitude A1 and phase PH1 in both the time and frequency domains.

V2 generates the same signals with amplitude A2 and phase PH2 in both the time and frequency domains.

B Source, B1, is used to sum the outputs of V1 and V2 to produce a new signal of the same frequency but with an amplitude of Asum and a phase of PHsum.

To sanity check the time and frequency domain outputs of B1, a third voltage source, V3, generates the same output as B1 from a time and frequency domain source configured using parameters calculated directly from the maths describing the sum of two sinusoids of the same frequency but of arbitrary amplitudes and phases.

Finally, V4 and V5 generate DC voltages equal to the peak amplitude and the phase (in degrees) of the signal at AsumPhsum (and calculatedsum).

The signals can be observed in different ways depending on which of the three Analyses are selected and run:

The 'op' Analysis prints the DC voltages V(Asum) and V(PHsum)

The 'ac' Analysis prints the magnitude and phase (in degrees of V(AsumsinPHsum) and V(calculatedsum) at the spot frequency of 1kHz (i.e. the same as the time domain signal).

The 'tran' Analysis plots the time domain signals V(AsumsinPHsum) and V(calculatedsum) at 1kHz (i.e. the same as the frequency domain signal).


Configuring AC Sources 02


ID Name Designator Quantity
1 SINE(0 {A1} 1k 0 0 {PH1}) AC {A1} {PH1} V1 1
2 SINE(0 {A2} 1k 0 0 {PH2}) AC {A2} {PH2} V2 1
3 SINE(0 {Asum} 1k 0 0 {PHsum}) AC {Asum} {PHsum} V3 1
4 {Asum} V4 1
5 {PHsum} V5 1
6 V=V(A1sinPH1)+V(A2sinPH2) B1 1




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