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The EasyEDA LM56 model

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Demonstrating the LM56EE spice model, developed for EasyEDA, of the LM56 dual thermostat device. To see more about the device model:

Super Menu > Miscellaneous > Netlist for Document > Spice A simple demonstration circuit showing the LM56 spice model with a voltage input representing a time varying temperature.

LM56EE is a behavioural model of the LM56, unique to EasyEDA, based on the TI datasheet.

The LM56EE subckt models the basic switching and hysteresis behaviour of the device. It also models input bias current, quiescent current, input voltage range behaviour.

Reference and VTEMP output voltage load regulation is crudely modelled but line regulation is not.

The device effectively shuts down for supply voltages below 2.4V and draws excessive supply currents for supply voltages above Vabsmax (12V) and reverse supply connections.

I/O pins are diode clamped to ground and supply rails.

The temperature dependencies of internal device parameters such as reference voltage drift and bias current are not modelled.

To simplify using the device in transient simulations, a TEMP pin (pin 9) has been added for a voltage representing temperature to be fed into the device. This input has a resistance of 1G and must be connected to a voltage source scaled at 1V/degC; i.e. to represent a temperature of 25degC, a voltage source set to 25V must connected to the TEMP pin of the device.


LM56EE demo jig


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity
1 SIN(10 10 1k 0 0 -90) VTEMPERATURE_INPUT 2P-5.0 1
2 {R3val} R3 R3 1
3 {R2val} R2 R3 1
4 {R1val} R1 R3 1
5 10 VCC 2P-5.0 1
6 100k R4,R5 R3 2
7 LM56EE U1 DIP 1




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